New The Witcher III Info On HUD, Save Importing, Alchemy

Here's some fresh new The Witcher III info on HUD, save games importing and the alchemy system.

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kaiserfranz1395d ago

I hope they can solve most bugs before release, it would be a shame to have such an epic experience riddled with bugs.

martinezjesus19931395d ago

I dont mind minor bugs honestly. Aslong as its not gamebreaking I wouldnt mind them being there. Fallout 3 comes to mind.

Chris_Wray1395d ago

Can't wait for Witcher 3 - Should test my PC's limits! hah. Got to look forward to a more active open world in this universe though.

Imp0ssibl31395d ago

It's going to be a huge test, especially at Ultra settings. I bet many sites will use it as a graphics benchmark going forward

showtimefolks1395d ago

Can't wait so this will have sort of thing like mass effect where you can make the choices or not

Either way one of the most awaited games of 2015

Aurenar1394d ago

I hope they improve vegetation. It's horrible!