The Last of Us Movie: Second Draft Completed; 'Faithful' To The Game

The movie adaptation of The Last of Us has just seen the completion of its second draft script, according to its writer.

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qwerty6761415d ago

lets hope this doesnt suck like all the other game to movie attempts we've had.

mrjam01415d ago

I can't get excited for this movie considering it's suppose to be game's story all over again.

ArchangelMike1415d ago

I really don't know how to feel about this movie adaptation... why is that though?

Conzul1415d ago

I felt the same way, and thought about it at length. Here's what I got: The AUDIENCE should not exist.

Think about it...theoretically, the only people who would WANT a movie are those who are not gamers(but who heard about the awesome) or those who are not good ENOUGH gamers to have gone through the story, but want to be able to experience the same things as if they HAD.

But it is impossible for either group to be sated, because the essence of the awesome is married to the interactive nature of the work. You can't WATCH a playthrough on Youtube or see a movie adaptation and expect to feel/experience ANYTHING close to what you would if you played it. Because YOU are never carrying a wounded Sara; giving Ellie a high-five or leaving her hanging; or truly feeling the weight of her responsibility as she lured David's men away from a sick Joel. To be felt and understood as purely as possible, it must be experienced in its original medium, the one for which it was made.

TLDR: because it is philosophically impossible for the movie to be a better experience than the game.

ArchangelMike1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


I think you've nailed it. Add to the fact that Watching a movie, with people who aren't Joel or Ellie (but who are just actors posing as Joel and Ellie), will also make the experience... wierd.

BitbyDeath1415d ago

It is always better to follow the source material than make your own story. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Mortal Kombat etc all turned out well because they did.

Remember the Dragonball movie, that is an example of making your own story... it sucked.

GameDev11415d ago

Well it is not the same exact story over again, Neil Druckmann confirmed it will have the same tone and mood but there will be some big changes

watch the second video here

he even let an Uncharted movie in the works slip

medman1415d ago

I feel the same way...the game will be far better than any movie adaptation, much the way a book is almost always better than the movie version of that book. But if it's good, maybe it will turn more people on to the game, and the developer.

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bennissimo1415d ago

Which begs the question:

Why not just play the game?

reallyNow1415d ago

id rather watch someone else play the game than just play the game myself at this point.

Lofabred1415d ago

Back in the day, Metal Gear Solid 3 was released in a limited edition and on one of the bonus disks was basically just a recording of a play through of the game done perfectly. I can't believe I actually watched the whole thing. I guess nowadays we have Let's Plays.
It is a very watchable game, though.

reallyNow1415d ago

my problem is that i had the game on ps3, didnt get far at all. bought the game for my ps4, and didnt get much further. its too damn stressful to get through for me. id rather watch someone play it so i can at least experience it. :-( i cant wait for the movie.

SmokingMonkey1415d ago

Because the movie is always better.

ok maybe not!

I would love anything TLOU related, who knows maybe they change the ending?

kneon1415d ago

There are billions of people that haven't and won't play the game. But many of those might go see a movie based on this game.

jagstar441415d ago

Maybe to bring the story to a different audience who aren't gamers. idk

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Snookies121415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I really don't get the point of this... The game did an excellent job of telling its story. Why do we need a movie when we can just go through the game?

EDIT: @bennissimo - Lol, we posted that at the same time.

Summons751415d ago

A movie could expand more on where the game maybe couldn't have. The game is an excellent job of story telling and a well written movie can as well. A lot of the space where gameplay is like gun fights or sneaking around creepers happens a lot where a movie could more gloss around those to get in more character development. Obviously we aren't going to watch story segment, five minute gun fight, story segment, five minute gun fight over and over. It's an opportunity to bring out more story, really show what a game can't.

Game is still amazing so I will be open minded about this.

SmokingMonkey1415d ago

Posted this before but

They will roll a teaser for;

The Last of Us 2

after the credits.

Can't wait, I love anything TLOU related. I carry a Firefly pendant on my keychain! Platinumed it on PS3. Love it.

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