The Best of Club Nintendo

"Merchandise is an important part of Nintendo’s enduring empire, though it waxes and wanes with the company’s fortunes. Never again will we see the insane profusion of cereal, pajamas, calendars, telephones and other trinkets that accompanied Nintendo’s rise to pop-culture ubiquity in the late 1980s. Nor will the company ever have anything as dizzyingly marketable as Pokemon was at the close of the 1990s. In this modern era of the Wii, the DS, and their descendants, the best place to find odd or memorable Nintendo goods was the Club Nintendo shop. Since 2006, the Club let us amass points from Nintendo-related purchases and cash them in for free games or trinkets, but all of that comes to an end on June 30. So there’s no better time to look back at the best rewards from Club Nintendo."

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