Final Fantasy XV Director Explains the Biggest Challenges of Developing the New Final Fantasy

When Hajime Tabata took up the direction of Final Fantasy XV, he knew he was in for a challenge, and he explained what he considers the biggest hurdles.

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Nucler1001417d ago

This will be the best FF. I have hope.

Genesis51417d ago

I have hope too. Though I am starting to think releasing it is their biggest challenge.

Godmars2901417d ago

Anything can be "the best" in an individual opinion.

If you're asking for the game to both review and sell well, that's another thing.

Nucler1001417d ago

Definitely just the best in overall quality.The game looks phenomenal, from what I've seen at least. No doubt this is going to sell well.

DragonKnight1417d ago

"Definitely just the best in overall visual quality."


Don't get sucked up in hype. Remember what FFXIII was. Everyone thought it would be great, and then it wasn't.

GokuSolosAll1417d ago

Turning an RPG into an FPS must've been an ordeal.

NoctisPendragon1417d ago

What dont you understand?
RPG ? Its a Role Playing Game .
FPS ? Its a First Person Shooter .
FF XV ? Its an action RPG ,not even a shooter nor a 1st person game .
Can you insult FFXV or Tabata with something concrete ?

Godmars2901417d ago

Some of us would have rather seen the series take a more strategic, mini-game and story/character driven direction, rather than the "cinematic" and style over substance one it apparently took.

DragonKnight1417d ago

There's merit to what he says though. Although Nomura has never come out and said that he wants his FF game to be more like an FPS, he hasn't been the director for awhile. Toriyama was the one to say he wants his games to be more like FPS in terms of progression and removing story control from the player, but he's not involved with this game I believe.

Still, the idea is prevalent in Square Enix, and Final Fantasy is continuing to move further and further away from the games people can tell you literally everything about in a flat second because of how memorable they were, to pretty games with good window dressing and an overall empty feel.

Square-Enix said they won't make FFVII remake until they make an FF game that sells better than FFVII, well if they keep going the way they are then we'll never see an FFVII game at all. They forget that FFVII was a deep, story driven game with a lot to offer and they'll have to make a game with that level of quality in its substance to make people want to buy it. But even if they did make a game that sold better than FFVII, FFVII remake would still be shelved as they tried to milk that new game for all it's worth.

Eiyuuou1417d ago

Dealing with one bubble must also be quite the ordeal?

NoctisPendragon1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Cant wait to see Stella one more time .

Eiyuuou1417d ago

I hope she's still in it though...

elninels1417d ago

Uhhhhh they only revealed her like a year ago right? I would have to assume she's still in it.

I like that she DIDN'T look uber sexual, instead she's just gorgeous. Not every beautiful woman has huge tits.

Eiyuuou1417d ago

Biggest hurdle: pleasing the FF fanbase.

Ickythump311417d ago

@Eiyuuou: I came here to say that!

Chard1417d ago

The FF fanbase may contain some that are impossible to please, but I think you'll find the majority just want the new games to include the features that made the old games good.

filipakos1417d ago

"new" final fantasy /s
I really like whats done with the game and that we get new information almost every week after all those years buried underground.
They amaze me with everything they show in each trailer and i cant wait to play the demo as well as ff type-0 in march :)
Tabata-san is a cool guy ;P

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