Will Wii U Games be Streamed to the New Nintendo 3DS in the Future?

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Neonridr1419d ago

That would be a great feature. The gamepad range is a tad short in my household, so lying in my bed the reception is spotty.

Using the 3DS hopefully over WiFi would remedy that situation and allow me to play my Wii U games in bed more often like I do with my Vita / PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1419d ago

As long as it doesn't turn out to be a damned rental service or something stupid like that, I wouldn't mind seeing them at least trying to make it work.

I have doubts concerning the hardware compatibility, though...

PoSTedUP1419d ago

id pay 20 bucks a month to hav 100 wii and wiiU games streamed to a 3dsXL. i love the luxury of that on the vita with ps3 games (tho im paying an arm and a leg atm). i want this so i am supporting it while
its in beta.

the 3ds needs more n64 classics and remakes imo. game cube remakes too.

wonderfulmonkeyman1419d ago

I would rather get a free app from Nintendo that just directly links a Wii U to a 3DS to stream a game you're playing on it to the 3DS.
Paying for rentals is inferior to downloading and keeping your games in any case.

PoSTedUP1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

you cant DL WiiU games the 3DS would hva eto be able to handle the games. free is always better, but im not a cheap person and wouldnt mind paying to stream 100's of games instantly and be able to take them with me anywhere without using HD space. i guess im talking about BC tho.

trust me im all about DLing and owning my games when it comes to PS+, i barely use it i buy all my games at ndividually.

randomass1711419d ago

I dunno about you, but 3DS to Wii U streaming would be pretty cool. :U

Dudebro901419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

The 3ds has such a low res screen I don't see the point.

eyeofcore1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Square Enix released Dragon Quest X on 3DS that is being played via streaming application so DQX is being streamed to 3DS.

Wii U streams to Gamepad's native resolution of 854x480 at 60 frames per second while upper and lower screen combined have 2/3 of pixel count as Wii U gamepad.

Only issue would be latency and bandwidth which depends on internet connection available.

3DS screen resolution is low, but that does not mean that it streaming to it is not an option.

PSP screen is 480 by 272 while 3DS is 400 by 240 in 2D and 800 by 240 in 3D without counting lower screen.

PSP pixel count 130560
3DS 2D pixel count 96000 and 3D pixel count is 192000 so 3DS has 47% more pixels than PSP and thats not counting lower screen too so its over twice the PSP.

3DS total pixel count 268800 and PSP total is 130560 so 3DS 2.05 times more pixels.

Apocalypze1419d ago

dude psp was last gen so is not fair to compare its screen to a current gen 3ds

BiggerBoss1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

The PSP released in like 2005 lol, compare the 3DS to the PSVita, whos resolution in 960 by 540, or 518,400 pixels, which is nearly two times the 3ds's resolution.

Anyways, I dont know how well the Wii U could stream to 3ds, but Nintendo will without a doubt have this functionality in their next handheld console.

danny8181419d ago

no, Nintendo wl wait for the next successor of the ds and the successor of the wiiU. They wont make gamers buy a vita and a ps4 like sony did. It was rumored they are doing something of this nature. A project called fusion.

KillerResistance1419d ago

that was just a rumour, its long gone now

GokuSolosAll1419d ago

They really should jump on the streaming and gaming subscription (like PS+) bandwagon.

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