Feature: Three Reasons Why You'll Love Exploring The Witcher 3's Massive Open World on PS4

Push Square: "It may seem like a while off yet, but trust us when we say that it won't be long until you're travelling the countryside as the grizzly Geralt of Rivia. Poised to be the PlayStation 4's first truly open world RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is beginning to look like the real deal, featuring branching storylines, brutal combat, and, of course, an absolutely massive map for you to explore. Developer CD Projekt Red is no stranger to making great games, but The Witcher's third instalment will mark the series' first appearance on a Sony console, and so we thought that we'd put together a few reasons as to why you should be looking forward to jumping into this gritty and downright gorgeous adventure."

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nucky641419d ago

I love the fact that enemies don't scale to your level - that leaves you wandering this world with the knowledge you may (very quickly!) find yourself in over your head against certain enemies.

gangsta_red1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Just like old school Final Fantasy games...wander to far into an unknown territory and blam, knee deep in some high level monster badnees.

Then your frantically spamming the RUN option hoping your characters run away because you forgot to save.

the good 'ol days!

nucky641419d ago

oh, yea.....we've all been there!

ArchangelMike1419d ago

I love the fact that this gen (well starting last Gen with Dark Souls really), devs are going back to the hardcore roots of gaming difficulty. It's been missing for way too long.

We're not noobs any more ya' know...

nucky641419d ago

starting last gen with dark souls?....2 words - DEMON SOULS!

but I do know what you mean and agree completely. witcher3 and bloodborne are going to rock!

ZyroXZ21418d ago

I get that it's a PS site, but geez... Being on the PS4 doesn't exactly alter the game to make it something that you'll love exploring "on the PS4" as opposed to on PC or the Xbox One.

Just nitpicking, I'll see myself out.