Face Off: Super Metroid VS Metroid Prime

NE: "Welcome to the weekly Nintendo Enthusiast series Face Off! Every week, we’ll be pitting two or more games against each other – sometimes from the same franchise, sometimes just similar games from the same genre. Either way, we’ll be letting you, the reader, decide who wins.

Today’s match up is between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime! Possibly the most well-renowned of the Metroid series, they have gone down as classics of their respective eras. Before we vote, however, our forums members are going to state their cases for which game they believe is the better experience."

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masterfox1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Really ? theres no contest here, Metroid Prime is a good game but no where near the stunning chilling atmosphere of Super Metroid, I mean Super Metroid is 2d game but with its music score, level designs, game progression it manage to create such unbelievable atmosphere that at this very moment I think no game has surpass, I remember some of the levels of Super Metroid and it gives me chills just to think about it.

Is really incredible how a 2d game of 20 years ago makes you really feel you are in total desolated planet in some place of the universe, the suspense is real!!, yes Super Metroid is that good!!, but sadly Metroid Prime wasn't able to do that, when I played the first time I hear the title music and I like it alot very electro-alienage feel, but then I went in to the first level I started to feel claustrophobic, went to a door and a corridor appears went to another and another corridor appears. I was like ok this will get better the far I go into but it didn't happen.

Metroid Prime was a good game but not Super Metroid good.

Super Metroid title screen:

Metroid Prime:

The possibility is almost at cero that the new Metroid will preserve the chilly, creepy atmosphere as the first one since Nintendo is focus more on creating kiddie games, but still if I'm wrong I would buy a Wii U just for the new Metroid no question ask! yes I'm a die hard fan of Metroid ;)