New PlanetSide 2 PS4 1080p Screenshots Show that the Game Still Looks Great on Sony's Console

More screenshots of PlanetSide 2‘s closed beta on PS4 gives a further glimpse on how the game looks on Sony’s own console.

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gangsta_red936d ago

I'm sorry but those screenshots were not impressive at all.

MysticStrummer936d ago

"indeed, it still looks definitely great, especially considering the enormous amount of player characters and vehicles the engine has to display on the relatively limited console hardware."


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leogets936d ago

Not really a great looking game on pc tbf. Looks dated as he'll.New gen consoles can do much better and have done

MysticStrummer936d ago

They can and have done better with maps and player counts of that size?

Links please.

Loktai936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

It's a great looking game for one of that scale. We can be glad to have it. There is no reason to hate it unless you have some other motive. Half the time I hear "graphics don't matter, graphics won't stop me from enjoying it on Xbox" now I see "NOT AS GOOD AS HIGH END PC - FAIL". I know it's not all the same people but that's the sentiment I notice, id see hoards advocating for gameplay over graphics if this were multi console.

Volkama936d ago

Cool, this is new news right? Not related to the screenshots you posted yesterday, or the video?

I'm sure it's new news. Certainly wouldn't expect a relentless PR campaign from a reputable website like Dualshockers.

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