Pocket Gamer reviews My Health Coach: Weight Management

Simon Parkin reports:

''Here's a question you should ask before you even switch the DS on: are we here to be entertained or are we here to get healthy? Because My Health Coach: Weight Management is the latest in a recent run of Nintendo DS titles to blur the lines between video game and health product.

While other titles in this fast-expanding new genre emphasise the 'game' element of their experience as much as the supposed fitness benefits, My Health Coach focuses almost entirely on the latter. Bundled with a bulky but consistent pedometer (used for recording the number of real-life steps you take), this is an experience aimed almost solely at helping players to make small but beneficial lifestyle changes. 'Play this game and get healthier': the message, like the functional, monochrome presentation, is simple and clear, even if developer Ubisoft is careful not to claim it will help players lose weight, only 'manage' it.''

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