The Order: 1886 How The World Will React?

When we think of The Order: 1886, it’s hard not to feel a certain sympathy for those who draw up game marketing plans. A couple of years out from release, with your work still taking shape, you have to decide how you’re going to explain your game, with no way of knowing how the world will react, or how that reaction will throw your plan into chaos.

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Mechanism1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Personally I find these previews far too linear.. The pacing and setting for which the previews conduct themselves are far too predictable. Replay value (with regards to re-reading the previews), is non-existent since most are grammatically horrendous, and are written by fanboy, teenage bloggers with clear agendas. The banners at the top and bottom of these blogs obstruct my field of view.

The only blind bigots that can't see what is going on here are XBone fanboys. They have no exclusives for months on end now and this is the only way they can downplay the PS4 now. The US media is horrendous and the gaming side of things are no different - this has always been the case, but they are now on overdrive.

If only these non-sensical arguments were being addressed with MS exclusives, huh?

Quite simply the worst and shameful fan base on earth are being supported by the worst and most shameful media on earth. Hypocrites, bigots, cowards.

Barnaby-Jones1420d ago

Please, chill out with the fanboyism. It is really asinine to insult an entire fanbase for what few do. Why are you getting so bent out of shape?

Jaqen_Hghar1420d ago

he's right though. Titles coming out and sales favor PS4 so much that they have to defend their niche console by making up a higher quality argument and trashing on every PS4 game that comes out. PS fans just enjoy their games and ignore the hate as the sales pile up as evidence of this but it is annoying to go on a news site and see them trying to constantly lower expectations yet when the game comes out they'll act like it's hyped up or something. Let's be clear. Expectations are LOW so after this comes out if it gets anything above a 70 on metacritic it is performing above expectations and should get more praise articles. If it were hyped up like Halo and got that score then of course there should be articles about how low that is but with all the trashing articles anything above a 70 or so is a pleasant surprise given all these questioning articles. For the record a man thinks it will exceed expectations and has his CE prerordered.

Barnaby-Jones1420d ago

It's disappointing to know that you and other people will defend and agree with statements such as this. N4g has alot of potential to be one of the best gaming sites but this really shows why N4g is not as great as it could be.

Man_Marmalade1420d ago

You're basing that opinion from a few minutes of footage.

Condemnedman1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

No exclusives for months? I think your talking out of your poop shoot buddy.

rainslacker1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

I thought DX12 was their biggest hype machine right now. With DX12, Xbox fan boys have no reason to try and down play the order, because DX12 beats all. With DX12, Xbox fan boys have absolutely no reason to try and hype a single one of their games, nor make their silly lists to show how their line up compares to the PS4 line up.

In the end, in a few weeks the player will be able to make their own opinion on the subject, and the same people who never have, or never will play the game will make the same tired arguments about how bad this game is, and not pay attention to the people who have played it saying that they enjoyed it...unless the game really is bad, and people don't say that.

Raiden1420d ago

REMEMBER RYSE all PS4 owners did the same thing and don't say they didn't, as gamers we must be objective and not hypocrites most PS4 owner never tried RYSE, TF and Sunset but they sure did give bad press. like said if people can't be objective and apply honesty, then shut the hell up. enjoy the game for what it is and have fun it's a game you are meant to have fun.

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ArchangelMike1420d ago

Sony fanboys will love it no matter what.
Game Journo's will review it with clik bait reviews.
Anti-Sony fanboys will hate it no matter what.
Metacritic rating will probably be in the mid 80's.

I will still buy it regardless :)

EZMickey1420d ago

I see high 60s to low 70's for this game.

Jaqen_Hghar1420d ago

that's the general expectation judging by the number of negative articles about it so anything above 70 should warrant some "The Order performing above expectations" articles on here. A man has his CE preordered.

To show that he's not a blind Sony fanboy (if those exist) a man has no hype for Bloodborne and will never buy it unless they say there are checkpoints before the bosses instead of this archaic NES game design of "hey you lost guess you have to go through 20 minutes of easy enemies and walking again to get back here at which point you're not used to the boss anymore." Checkpoints don't make it any easier they just make it so you can't pretend you have a 40 hour game when in reality you only have a 10 hour one. This is all coming from a Demon's Souls platinum earner.

remixx1161420d ago

Nailed it bro, fanboys don't care if its good or bad, they just use it as ammunition to fire at each other instead of playing the systems they love so much. And the media knows this so they will make hella lick bait articles to to lay the battlefield.

And people like pc2020, skull, nolimit, wiiumasterrace and mechanism will start shooting review scores and release windows at each other.

Why fight so hard for a plastic box full of wires I will never understand.

Relientk771420d ago

My reaction is day one buy and play this gorgeous and action filled game

Hamzaali1420d ago

The order goes golden :)

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