50 Surprise Sequels for E3 - Part II

From gameplayer - "In 2009 there is every reason for seemingly dead and buried mythologies to rise again. The successes of downloadable content has shown that there is plenty of love out there for the games of yore, and much like films which flop on release but make a fortune on DVD, the massive growth in the pre-owned games market coupled with the quick-to-sale mentality of today's retailers means brands have a much greater chance of building a following beyond what initial sales figures may suggest.

We've looked through our back-catalogue of games and found a few worthy contenders for belated sequels or, dare we say it, re-imaginings in this new generation of gaming. Could any of these be the 'surprise' announcement of E3 2009?"

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SlappingOysters3733d ago

I would pretty much welcome most of these. Some of those games are real classics.

Thing is, I wouldn't welcome a GoldenEye: Rogue Agent attempt at them: gotta hold true to the originals.

timmyrulz3733d ago

Rumour has it that the ps3 can now cook steaks medium rare, thats surprise number 51

chidj23733d ago

Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy)
Why: A brave attempt at reinventing the adventure game with multiple endings, branching gameplay and a mature storyline involving supernatural powers and grizzly murders in New York City. Carla Valenti would be an interesting character to revolve a sequel around.
Probability: Distant – with Heavy Rain and Omikron 2 already on their plate the developer may wait to see how they develop before exploring Fahrenheit again.
Developer: Quantic Dream.
Possible Title: Celsius.

Shadow of the Colossus
Why: Big, beautiful and different, Shadow of the Colossus was one of the late releases in the last generation that made you wonder just how much more juice the old PS2 had left in it. Certainly the game ends in a way suggesting there’s a story to continue.
Probability: Solid. Team Ico are currently working on an unknown PS3 project and this could be it, although the timing seems off. It took them four years to follow up ICO with Shadow of the Colossus, and it has only been three yeas since that release.
Developer: Team Ico.
Possible Title: Ico’s Shadow.

if this 2 games cames out i die of a heart attack