Grey Goo Review | OnlySP

OnlySP: Petroglyph Games, a Las Vegas based publisher and developer, was founded by remnants of famous developed Westwood Studios. Westwood was known for a slew of adventure, RPG and other games/series: Eye of the Beholder, Legend of Kyrandia and Blade Runner, and later Star Wars Empire at War (Under the Petroglyph banner). Perhaps their most important contribution came in the form of Dune II, coined the first Real Time Strategy game. This title paved the way for the popular and long-lasting Command & Conquer series. Now, I’ve played many of these games, including the first 3-4 entries in the C&C series – countless hours of dial-up phone time were wasted, me with the GDI disc, and my cousin across town with the NOD (still missing to this day). After a while the series and indeed the genre became stale to me; each subsequent entry becoming only a slight iteration, much like the modern Call of Duty series. Of course Starcraft took a departure, particularly with the way it promotes competitive gaming.

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