Free Halo 3 Map Out Now

Today is 'Bungie Day' according to, well... Bungie. So to mark the occasion it has released a new multiplayer map for Halo 3.

Titled Cold Storage, the new map is a shiny remake of Halo 1 favourite Chill Out - a small map great for one-on-one skirmishes and you can download it for free.

Browse around XBL today and you'll also find new gamer pics and a Bungie Day dashboard theme, too. And the Halo 3 Legendary map pack has dropped in price down to 600 MS points (just over £5).

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ChrisGTR13606d ago

lol. yea youve been saying that for the past 3 years now..

Shroomy3606d ago

Because Killzone 1 destroyed every single Halo game, didn't it Prime?

Guerrilla Games have yet to make a brilliant game, so I can see them rushing under pressure from fans and Sony, even if they have ages to complete it.

Nitrowolf23606d ago

^^ i dont think they would rush it because of sony
didnt you forget
K2 is being made by sony
or am i wrong?

Shroomy3606d ago

Sony are publishers, they publish the game Guerrilla Games are the DEVELOPERS!

Sony would want the game to be very polished and show off the PS3's "limitless potential" they cry about all the time. I'm having my doubts to be honest, Even if it's out next year, time doesn't make a game perfect.

Too Human for example, in and out of development for a decade nearly. How many years they've worked on the 360, on one specific engine I don't quite know. It looks like a solid game, but disappointing when they've worked on and off for 10 bloody years.

I just wouldn't get my hopes up for Killzone 2 untill positive reviews come from non bias sites/magazines.

FPS nut3606d ago

KZ do you mean Killzone, that junk game sitting in my closet? I think maybe Killzone should prove itself first before it goes up against somthing like Halo.

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Shroomy3606d ago

I like the flood pure form in the chamber, from the way it moves around making you think it could burst out *that would be kickass* till the monitor following your movement with a light that can be distracting!

Having a special playlist in which 7 people can party up and kick eachothers ass for Double XP is awesome!

Well done Bungie!

Diselage3606d ago

I've only been able to put a few run throughs of it and while it is a good map. Just doesn't seem to recapture the map of Halo 1. Oh well, good try guys.

FPS nut3606d ago

It's free but yet you still complain?

FPS nut3606d ago

It's a small map for some fast paced slayer matches. Load this map with plasma rifles or pistols with infinate ammo and super speed, it's hella fun.

The Dark Knight3606d ago

Will they start to charge for it after a amount of time?

thekingofMA3606d ago

i don't think so

i'm pretty sure it was announced to be free forever...

Shroomy3606d ago

Free "Forever", so like the Halo 2 maps which are free now and "forever". Forever being the key word.

The Legendary Map pack won't be free any time soon, Bungie said it will "never" be free but that's unlikely, a price drop was a good idea.