Sponsor Fixation

British company Bunnyfoot offers sophisticated eyeball tracking and physiological analysis of gameplay to improve the placement and design of in-game advertising.

Last week a British behavioral consultancy research firm by the name of Bunnyfoot reported on the state of in-game ads and revealed its new Sponsor Fixation Index, which uses eye tracking and physiological data to measure in-game ad efficiency.

If you've played a game in a modern setting (or a hyper modern setting) you've probably noticed a lot of in game ads. They're on billboards plastered on virtual street corners, branded vending machines and licensed cars. But with all these ads, have you connected to any of the ads in a personal, emotional way?

It's an important question, though, for those interested in going forward with in-game ads. Game publishers want to make sure their games aren't being negatively impacted by in-game ads and advertisers want to make sure that their potential customers are having a positive impression of their brand.

GameDaily talked with Alison Walton, Head of Visual Engagement of Bunnyfoot's Behavioral research department, about making the most of in-game ads.

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