A Close Look at the New 3DS XL - Nintendo Manages to Makes its Handheld Console Even Better

COG writes - We get a chance to examine, play, and even compare, the New 3DS XL with the current 3DS XL and we walk away quite impressed by the changes.

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Th3o1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Too bad it's not a 3Ds, it's a new console....and a very poorly thought out one. I would've rather waited a year or 2 and bought a brand new fully evolved console, then this cash grab by nintendo.

Just a future reference, try not to make a video about purchasing a product in what clearly looks like a gaming's not like your ever going to say NO don't buy it let it sit on my shelves.

So far, it's NOT worth the upgrade even for the hardcore Nintendo fan, maybe when we see more games that actually utilize the system then yes.

I for one just like being current with technology so I did buy it, but I'm not happy with the purchase and still am pissed about the plug.

Nintendo has a license to do anything.

Digital_Anomaly1389d ago

Lol, he doesn't own the store. Doesn't even work there. The guy who helped shoot the video does and figured it would be a suiting spot. Bottom line, COG doesn't give a rip if people buy it or not... just a comparison video!

Th3o1389d ago

I didn't know that, Thank you but either way still weird to me:)

Ultr1389d ago

I absolutely don't understand how they can make a console 1.5
Im good with reiterations and smaller and bigger stuff of the same but build in stuff that exclude some? Nah...
But its great for newcomers...
Not for those who already bought one a few months ago :P

3-4-51389d ago

It's not a NEW console.

Remember when N64 got the Memory upgrade card thing you HAD to use for Perfect Dark ?

* Was the N64 all of the sudden a New Console ?


Nobody seemed to have a problem with it then.

Also less amount of trolls online to complain about it as well.

* You lack the ability to assess reality correctly.

Seriously think about what you typed out.

A PSP is a PSP, yet the 2000/3000 are faster than the 10000.

^ You don't see people calling the PSP a " different " console...they are all considered the same.

* Th30 = Everything that is wrong with America today.

Th3o1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

That was a simple upgrade to YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM, not a brand new N64...

PSP 2000/3000 both had ram upgrades yes but neither had exclusive games....

Facts not Fiction.

I would also refrain from insulting someone and whole nation based on your very narrow minded and dumb perspective on life.

paul-p19881389d ago

The difference with the PSP revisions, and you could even argue most Xbox and Playstation revisions, is to do with cost saving. Yes the PSP got a faster processor and RAM upgrade, but they were never installed to force people to buy a new one which is what the New 3DS is doing. They were made to make the console cheaper and more accessible to people. The New 3DS is the exact opposite.

Whenever a 'new' console gets a hardware upgrade, extra buttons etc the smart thing to do is release it as a new gen release i.e. PSP to Vita, but instead they have released it mid-gen and effectively screwed over about half of their fanbase by making them buy a new one to play new games that still have 3DS printed on the box...

The confusion levels for parents who buy their kids games they cannot play is gonna be through the roof!

Parent "But it says 3DS on the box, why does it not work on my childs 3DS"
Game Store "I know it's stupid but Nintendo decided to release a revised console with almost exactly the same name rendering the current one obsolete that you need to buy to play that game, that will be $200+ please"

masso91121389d ago

I feel it is worth the upgrade, and more so if the buyer is changing from the first 3ds to this one, cause it's at the same price as the old 3ds xl... and for people who don't own any 3ds system is a pretty good choice, better than any other 3ds option... upgrading from a 3ds xl is not that great though, it's a small upgrade, but it's still good.

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DualWielding1389d ago

having to use a screwdriver just to replace the memory card sounds like a huge downgrade for me

Digital_Anomaly1389d ago

Totally agree! As stupid design decisions go this one is right up there. What puzzles me most is that there had to have been a way to make it easy. There's no way this was the only solution.

Summons751389d ago

Not that much of a big deal seeing as you only need to change it maybe one if that even.

BenqMagician1389d ago

Nintendo Manages to Makes its Handheld Console Even more expensive even more expensive then a playstation vita( which I might add has a better button layout ).

229.99 for a new 3ds not worth it and I feel shafted that there's going too be games I can't play on my 2ds( so I traded away my 2ds and purchased a used ds lite for 39.99 at ).

When Nintendo actually care about gamers again i'll buy another handheld from them(in 2 or 3 days getting a new wii u shipped too my door).