Worthplaying previews Ghostbusters:The Videogame

Worthplaying reports:

''The highly nostalgic upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game is probably going to be a console purchase for most gamers. Reportedly, Sierra's lead platform for this version of the game is the PS3, with Xbox 360 and PC versions essentially being ports. The hands-off demo session was even conducted with the Sierra representative using an X360 controller. Still, Sierra showed off the PC version of the title as a show of support for Microsoft's Games for Windows initiative at their recent event in San Francisco. Ghostbusters was one of the most coveted demos, and even a frustratingly hands-off experience showed the signs of an amazing game in the making. The build displayed at the show appeared to be in late beta stage of development, with the correct vocal tracks by the original "Ghostbusters" film actors and all physics in place. The textures weren't finalized and voice acting had yet to be fully approved, but even in this state, the title was enormously impressive.

The story of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is fairly well-known, but worth going over. Written by franchise creator Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, the plot is a sort of mash-up of great moments from the previous films and an original plotline. Aykroyd has described it as essentially a third movie, although it doesn't use the entirety of the well-publicized "Ghostbusters in Hell" plot that was in development for quite some time as "Ghostbusters III." Specifically, the plot of the game calls for the team to be training a new Ghostbuster, who is the player character. As of this demo, the neophyte Ghostbuster was a fairly bland, almost generic-looking white guy. When the Sierra reps on hand were asked if players would be allowed customize their Ghostbuster's appearance or gender, they offered only a "no comment" after consulting with a third rep for a few minutes. Take that however you like, readers.''

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