CD Projekt RED Explains Why The Witcher 3 Won’t Be a Broken Mess

Hardcore Gamer: "The Witcher 3 sticks out to us as a beautiful, mesmerizing game that does need some polish before it ships. Not only were able able to get our hands on The Witcher 3 for a few hours last week, but we were able to sit down with CD Projekt RED to learn more about their upcoming RPG."

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ArchangelMike1183d ago

I trust CD Projekt Red to do an amazing job with The Witcher 3. Even if the game launches with a few bugs, I trust that CDPR will be straight in there to patch and sort it out. They are one developer that doesn't get up to shenanigans.

Day 1 for me!

UKmilitia1183d ago

is playing 1 and 2 really important to 3?

Ashlen1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

It does have a continuing story like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

GearSkiN1183d ago

The game will have some flashback to tell the previous story

LOGICWINS1183d ago

Nope. 3 will have a few things that reference back to the first two games, but by no means do you NEED to play the first two games to enjoy the third. In fact, CDPRGKT Red said the events of the previous games will be summarized in the 3rd game somehow.

ArchangelMike1183d ago

The Witcher 3 will have a - "Previously on the Witcher 1 and 2..." mode where you can catch up on the backstory. If you've got a good PC you can try the Witcher 2 on Steam though. It's well worth it, but not essential.

Femto1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Yes, these are games based on books, they have a deep plot, playing the first game will tell you alot about the world and geralts character, the events of witcher 3 will start off where the witcher 2 left off, the plot of the second game is important, devs say "oh you dont need to play the pervious games" of course they'll say that, and a 5 minute recap doesnt do the story of the pervious games justice, if you're not planning on playing the first 2 games then atleast watch a walkthrough.

a walkthrough is better than a 5 minute recap by the devs, there is alot to the story, the witcher 2 had 16 endings, just tells you how many ways it can be played and how your decisions matter. if you can, play 1 and 2, if you can't then watch a walkthrough because you need to know the story and you will appreciate everything much more, there is gonna be ALOT of references.

the game itself is called "wild hunt" if you read the books or played the first game or the second game then you know the wild hunt, they were introduced in the first game. etc....

also if you can play it on pc then you can transfer your saves and carry on your decisions that you made in your previous games (letho will play a big part in this)

sevilha821183d ago

It will defenitly help,as well as reading the books if that´s you thing,but Cd project will most likelly use a way to tell a summary of the story so far to newcomers so worry not...

Magicite1183d ago

Not crucial, but recommended.

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kingjosh18761183d ago

I want to be playing this day 1 but I still need to finish the first 2 and I have lots of intense studying to do between now and July..

MasterCornholio1183d ago

Because we delayed it to deliver a complete game to our consumers.

Love the mentality of these developers. If it were others they would just release it and patch the gamebreaking bugs later.

BiggerBoss1183d ago

I agree.

Even though it sucks that the games been delayed multiple times, at least CDPR are making the game as good as it can be. Extra polish never hurts

bloodybutcher1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I don't know, if you'd be beaten up from one polish, you might be ok. But some extra polish could hurt.

TheStrokes1183d ago

Doesn't need explaining.

1) They took their time.
2) They are not Ubisoft
3) They are true professionals
4) All above

audiophile1011183d ago

" It also helps that CD Projekt RED is an independent studio, and are thus not beholden to any shareholders"

that quote there is the exact reason why this game will do well and the fact that all the other games have been so broken. Just like in the t.v shows, shareholders are a huge reason why the deadlines are pushed so hard on these studios and why these games have been so broken. Honestly if you go ahead and blame it on something else then your just blind to the truth

audiophile1011183d ago

hmm interesting. i didnt know that. thanks for pointing that out. think im gonna have to get some stocks then ;)

kingjosh18761183d ago

I'm thinking of buying some myself, I think the game will sell well, though i'm not sure of CDPR's future.

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