The Witcher 3: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Comparison Screen, Texture And Resolution Differences Confirmed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt runs at 1080p/30FPS on PS4, and Xbox One version runs at 900p/30FPS. According to report coming out from fans who attended recent preview event, PS4 vs Xbox One versions difference were clearly visible: "Sharper textures on PS4, resolution difference, etc"

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mezati991184d ago

So it's
PC > PS4 > Xbone
is anybody actually surprised by this?

MasterCornholio1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Not me.

That's what I expected.


Dlacy13g1184d ago

surprised no not really... stopping me from buying for my X1, nope.

christocolus1184d ago

i'm still playing witcher 2 on my xbox 360. hopefully ill be done by the time witcher 3 is released. definitely getting it.

Ashlen1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Actually, kind of, CD Project has been pretty loyal to Microsoft up to this point including giving them a better bundle, and they also said both systems would be the same on several occasions.

Dlacy13g1184d ago

well to be fair to CD Project Red they did say the 900p wasn't confirmed final resolution and that they are working on getting it up to 1080p but wouldn't commit to it.

Raider691184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Give it the better bundle ?!I Wonder why, obvious.Frankly i love playing in my couch and my big screen i will pick the version that runs Stable 30fps without last gen dips;if thats the PS4 than thas the one i will pick,if its the Xboxone han thats the one i will pick,900p or 1080p dont really bothers me but framerate a la last generation below 30fps that will.If both versions run at sub 30fps and neither gets a stable lock framerate i go to the next obvious pick...PC hook to my HD screen.

AndrewLB1183d ago

CD Projekt RED is not loyal to Microsoft, but to the PC platform and has spoken about this many times in interviews. It's not only because of the incredible graphical power PC's are capable of, but their games contain themes that are intended for a more "adult" audience, and PC has always been the perfect platform for that.

Make72- It's been shown many times that a $700 gaming PC is substantially more capable than PS4, and lets not forget that's what a PS4 actually costs when you factor in a yearly online subscription for the 6 years or so this generation could last. As most people already own a PC, a simple $125 graphics card will put your PC's graphics power over the 1.84 tflops found in the PS4.

And if anyone is interested in seeing the latest gameplay WITHOUT any horrible youtube compression, download the latest 3gb video here:

Absolutely amazing.

btw... He named the horse "Roach" lol. hilarious.

make721184d ago

More like: over 1000 euros pc>Ps4>800 euros pc>Xbox one>500 euros pc:)

andibandit1184d ago

Pc's sure are expensive in whatever country youre from

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Satyre281184d ago

I know its not actual footage but judging by those screens the X1 and PS4 version both look stunning. Also for you resolution dudes it was posted that they are still working on the X1 version and aiming for 1080P so its most likely going to happen.

thanhgee1184d ago

"However, polishes CD Projekt own words yet on the Xbox version, maybe you can still screw up to 1080p, but you would not promise anything."

Where does it say "most likely going to happen"?

u got owned1184d ago

probably they up the resolution to that weird one they have on latest games, but I wouldn't expect them to hit 1080p.

gfk3421184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

So, even if MS upgrade its API, the same resolution/ graphics difference between PS4 and X1.

So Sony upgrade Ps4's API too. Who could have thought/ guest...

This is why I like Sony, no talk and no hype, but just pure facts.

WilDRangeRfc1184d ago

I own both but Sony like to bend the truth every now and then,KZSF resolution,these companies both lie and want your money if you think otherwise you are a little nieve

Kavorklestein1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Here's some good examples of Sony always sticking to facts: 120 fps on ps3...
Killzone 2 E3 2005 bullshot Trailer.. Totally legit. KZSF Resolution...
Having a secure network...
Those are just a few examples that come to mind.

Yeah, both companies make mistakes, but from what I have seen Sony is the one who actually lies and tries to dupe everyone like we are all idiots.

gfk3421184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


Just to reply to your statements.

Please search on google on MS's lies and you will find:

- MS did not initially accepted X360's issue with RROD;

- Kinect is integral part of X1 and it will never be ditched

- scratching discs
microsoft-admits-lie-regardin g-hardware-problems-25562474

- Landing games;

And are many others. With respect to your statements:
- 120 fps - This statement was made before the release of the PS3 (aprox 2 years before) and never mentioned again. Maybe during the testing periods some demos could have run at 120 fps. Clearly were not graphically intensive.
- KZSF - it's a new technique called "temporal reprojection". I'm not a tech guy, but the developer sticks that it is 1080p

- Killzone 2 - I really don't now, but it was before the release of the PS3 (aprox. 2 years before the release). Maybe it was made with a dev kit with some experimental components (before finalizing the PS3's specs).

- Sony's network. I'm leaving in Europe and I never had an incident with it, not even last Christmas. So apart from the infamous April's incident, I never had an issue.

TheRedButterfly1183d ago

You do realize that XO's API hasn't been upgraded yet... Right?

"This is why I like Sony, no talk and no hype, but just pure facts."

Ha, don't make me laugh... Sony has been living off hype, and the first AAA exclusive in 12 months is getting nothing but garbage preview impressions. Talk about hype.

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