Resident Evil 2 - HD Fan Remake With Unreal Engine - New Video Shows Full Playthrough With Claire

YouTube’s member ‘Rod Lima’ has been working on a HD fan remake of Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engine, and today shared a video showing off a full playthrough with Claire.

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PoSTedUP1416d ago

man, great job. i played through #2 twice about a year ago, this makes me wanna run through it again so bad.

blackbeld1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

RE2 is the best of them all. A must have game. Back in those days I finish it more then twenty times. :)

Kurylo3d1416d ago

me too. I dont care if its unofficial.. this is awesome. The environments have life and motion in them.. i love it.

TedCruzsTaint1416d ago

If fan projects can be of this quality, what the hell is with all of the crap updates and weak "remakes" we normally get from the developers themselves?

loganbdh1416d ago

What bad remakes are you referring to?

TedCruzsTaint1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Most recently, Capcom boosting the resolution and some of the textures of a ten year old remake in itself and selling it for twenty bucks.
All the while a few guys in their spare time do a full blown modern remake that looks better than the content the developer proper cares to offer us.

Great game. Not trying to take anything from it. But, at the end of the day, we are often being offered the bare minimum when it comes to such releases. Fine if you're jumping in for the first time, but I've always viewed these things as aimed at the fans themselves, and we should expect more.

loganbdh1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

So you wanted them to remake a game that's already been remade? Resident evil is a remaster to a old remake to an even older game. By everybodys terms this doesn't even qualify as a remake, at all

Yay! that u support this re2 fan project... because I think it's Coming along nicely

DoublePlusGoodGames1416d ago

@loganbdh, I don't think SlapHappyJesus was requesting a remake of a remake, but I'll stand by his 'weak' comment.

Having picked up a GameCube Q exclusively for the Resident Evil remake, I was absolutely blown away by what Capcom did with that title. Over the past ten years, the team at Capcom managed to bump up the textures and add a new control scheme but went backwards with the text overlays, multiple load screens and removal of series hallmarks (e.g.: typewriter entry). While I'm loving the opportunity to play though this game again, I'd have to agree that Capcom didn't give this HD remaster the amount of polish fans would expect.

Seeing how fans are making both RE2 and RE4 games of this caliber, I think we should definitely expect more and, speaking of which, where IS my RE2 remake, Capcom?

Th3o1416d ago

Awesome job!!!! Capcom should hire this guy!

Eidolon1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

UHhhhhhh, just wow. good job, looks like it could have been a real remake.

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