Destiny Secret Items that Didn't Quite Make It To The Final Game

"There's a long list of items that you won't be able to get in Destiny anytime soon."

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ScorpiusX1179d ago

Guess a story was one of those secret items . Lol

caseh1179d ago

You beat me to it. :(

xHeavYx1179d ago

No worries, they'll have those items in game soon. All you need to do is pay extra.

CloudRap1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

It was supposedly going to have a robust, lore rich story like Mass Effect but there was alot of big egos colliding and after Joe left the team the whole thing just fell apart thus resulting in the zombie of a game we have now.......


Perjoss1179d ago

This is just like that Newt line in Aliens: "They mostly come out at night. Mostly", except its much longer, totally different, and uses the word supposedly instead of mostly.

SaveFerris1179d ago

Perhaps in some alternate universe there are millions of gamers playing an awesome space opera called Destiny.

joab7771179d ago

I'm not real hard on them b/c I am guessing, taking all the info available, that the game never reached its initial vision. Instead, it was limited by launch constraints.

Consider this. I actually think the beta hurt. It was the slice of game that showed many of its strengths and ppl went crazy for got launched quickly, on the back of all the buzz.

Had it taken another 6 months to a yr to finish up and provide the origin story, and EVERYTHING else that was cut, I think it would have been even more lucrative. Yeah, they would have spent another yr in R&D, but it would have made a ton at launch (like it did) but the game would have been better, and future money would be much, much higher.

Gh05t1179d ago

I don't think "time" was the enemy of Destiny.

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UKmilitia1179d ago

the dark below was another and the wolves.thats 2 things that didnt make it to the final game

joab7771179d ago

True. I do believe that at least 1 dlc was cut once they realized they were behind. I think that the popularity the beta got was the green light for launch.

ABizzel11179d ago

The entire planet Saturn so far.

Drekken1179d ago

Why would that make it into the game when they could sell it to you for $40.00?

Jonny5isalive1179d ago

pretty much half the game didnt make it so it could be sold as DLC.

MilkMan1179d ago

Items that didnt make it?!
Better check with the game, there is about 85% of it on the DLC/expansion and sequel list over at Activision and Bungie tent.

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