NHL 15: two free Ultimate Team Gold Packs for all players

Dealspwn reports: "If you're big into ice hockey and are plugging away at NHL 15's Ultimate Team mode, you should know that you can currently get two free gold packs on all platforms. Each pack contains twelve items, all gold, with four rare Gold Items and one rare player item guaranteed. You've got until this Wednesday (January 28th) to redeem your freebies."

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NinjaRichParty1420d ago

Traded this game in ages ago. The product they shipped was laughable at best. I don't care what they've added since, the fact that they let people spend $60 on that was just plain silly.

Soldierone1420d ago

I'm 1-10-1 in HUT simply because I refuse to spend real money on it. I wish HUT was one of the modes stripped from the game this year, but it makes EA to much money.....

riverstars861420d ago

It's more likely that you just aren't very good at the game. No offense.

Soldierone1420d ago

I'm 6-3-2 in regular online. I'm not good, but I don't suck as much as that record states.

It's hard competing with a full NHL rosters using an AHL roster, especially my goalie being so low ranked.

Either way, I will soon have all the trophies for the game except for the stupid HUT ones.

riverstars861420d ago

If you had the game for Xbox One, I would give give you a bunch of NHL players to improve your team.

audiophile1011420d ago

the game is actually fun( never liked hockey games before so that's saying a lot from me) but my god some of their animations and all the faces of the players are a complete fail. it looks like a kid drew all the player faces

Wikkid6661420d ago

I will download the when it's in the vault for EA Access.... no Season no buy!

billybehr1420d ago

I still play this daily. I do regular online play (1vs1) almost exlusively. It works for me and I'll pick up these HUT packs because they're free.

Rare1420d ago

1v1 me 😆 I'll politely destroy you 😉

billybehr1419d ago

Probably. I'm not very good.