The Future for The Legend of Zelda Remakes

Recently, many game developers are getting frowned upon due to the unwavering amount of HD remakes hitting the market space, and to a degree, HD remakes may be getting a little out of hand. However, The Legend of Zelda is an exceptional franchise that consists of some of the best titles in the history of gaming. We all have questions about future Zelda remakes that may be on the horizon; let's flesh those questions out.

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Travis37081179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I hope one day we get an Legend of Zelda Minish Cap remake for both 3DS & WiiU. I love the old Zelda games. I want them all remade and looking like Wind Waker graphics.

Hoffmann1179d ago

It will more likely end up as a virtual console release I fear.

MrSwankSinatra1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

It's already on the Virtual Console, but only on Wii U and not on the 3DS for some stupid reason.

And nobody mention the stupid "Ambassador's Program" because it's not an excuse.

Metallox1179d ago

No, Nintendo should stop the "remake" trend now. I don't want remakes to be Nintendo's biggest hits for even a month. What are Nintendo 3DS' major titles for the following months? Majora's Mask? Xenoblade Chronicles?

I want new content, not rehashes from games that already did their job.

higgins781179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

No more remakes, please. Yes, while the nostalgia fairy besides me is tempted, I would prefer Nintendo to continue creating new games in the Zelda canon. Games like ALBW's are the perfect balance, more homage than remake. Leave re-releasing all games in its back catalogue as a way of compensating having nothing good (certainly exclusively) on their console to Sony and Microsoft - thus far.

[email protected] saying all this I like what Nintendo are currently doing, particularly with Prime Trilogy. Re-release older rare games digitally via the Wii U (or 3DS, whichever is best) as a way of putting them back in the hands of the gamers and less as a chalice for Gollum.

zugdar1179d ago

N does little work on the remakes themselves. Most are outsourced to other studios and then they just wait until the money tree grows.

That being said, each remake has been a great addition with some minor tweaks but most of the core experience being maintained. Its also a good mid cycle filler while they work on other big titles. With many of N's customers being either new or long time fans, remakes are a win win for both parties.

ChickeyCantor1178d ago

"prefer Nintendo to continue creating new games in the Zelda canon"

And they are. Ports are not done by the main teams, they are given to a smaller group or outsourced. WHATYALLTALKINGBOUT?

higgins781178d ago

Huh? I agree. I'm simply responding to the argument of wanting 'remake' this, 'remaster' that. I know fine well ports are either outsourced or giving to a smaller team on occasion. I think Nintendo have a fine balance of new titles vs remakes, easily the best of the bunch. Trust me, between my Wii U and PS4 its been a case of my Wii U for actual games and my PS4 has been mostly used as a Blue Ray player/set top box.

Dasteru1179d ago

If it is a classic game that people have actually been asking for a remake/remaster of, then so be it. The problem is all these so called "Definitive Edition" releases of games that are only one gen old and were never that good to begin with. There is even a definitive edition of DMC coming out in march, and everyone hated that game. It is turning into a blind cash grab.

higgins781179d ago

Rubbish. DMC was actually a very, very good game which received plenty of positive reviews. My only thing about that is I played it already on the PC - quite a bit after initial release, not being a fan of the series initially. Owning even a modest PC will allow this today.

vickers5001179d ago

I'd like a Twilight Princess remake or remaster for Wii U. Maybe in the future, a Skyward Sword remake/remaster as well, one with gamepad support, maybe where you can use the stylus to make precision swipes on the gamepad for the enemies that require specific strikes to take down, instead of needing to use the wii mote, though it would still have wii mote support.

As for the mobile console side of things, a remake of Oracle of Ages/Seasons would be pretty cool too, though I hope they're also working on a new 3ds zelda title.

MrSwankSinatra1179d ago

I really would prefer a Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword HD remaster on the Wii U. Majora's Mask & OoT being remade on the 3DS makes sense, because they're small games. They wouldn't even fit a fifteenth of a regular Wii U game disc.

kainslayer1179d ago

its called dolphin emulator enjoy zelda at 2560x1440p

higgins781178d ago

Nintendo games for Nintendo consoles. Sure, with enough tweaking, faffing about and planning you can play Wii games on a PC. However, that for me is like buying counterfeit goods. Its almost as good as the real thing but deep down you know it's a phoney and will never be as good as the original version.

silkrevolver1179d ago

How do you mean "small games"? OoT is nearly as long as TP and SS.

MrSwankSinatra1179d ago

I'm clearly alluding to size.

silkrevolver1179d ago

Like... file size? Because OoT is nearly as massive as TP - it just doesn't have as big of a Hyrule field. Their content is comparable.

If they're doing a (theoretical) full-HD remaster, the file size obviously wouldn't stay the same as it was on the N64.

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