Jolt reviews Civilization Revolution

Jolt reports:

''Civilization has never really worked on consoles, and the PSone port of Civ II over a decade ago proved that the series is much more at home on a PC. The problem has always been balancing features against simplicity: how do you go about chopping up one of the PC's most beloved, hardcore turn-based strategy titles into bite-sized chunks so that it becomes playable and manageable with a control pad? With too many cuts you risk neutering Sid Meier's genius, and with too few you risk console gamers having their brains leak out of their ears and onto the carpet.

Civilization Revolution is the streamlined and fast-paced product of Firaxis finally bringing Sid's vision of empire-building glory to a mainstream audience, and is still using a bloody 'z' in the process. As with the PC counterparts, it's your job to drag your people up from their tribal roots in 4,000BC and make them the shining beacon of humanity before 2050, or before other enlightened savages do so. It's a reasonably easy concept to grasp: develop human civilization, your way, in a few hours.''

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