Legendary Confirmed for September 2008

An updated Atari release schedule has confirmed a September 2008 release date for Spark Unlimited's PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 FPS Legendary.

Spark Unlimited didn't get off to the best of starts in next-gen development with Codemasters' Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, but things are looking much more promising with its Pandora's Box inspired FPS, Legendary.

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Forbidden_Darkness3663d ago

Turning Point was horrible, hopefully legendary is alot better, i wouldnt mind shooting me a few minotaurs and werewolves.

M337ING3663d ago

The footage I've seen of Legendary on doesn't do much to improve over Turning Point

MK_Red3663d ago

So far everything I've seen from this game has looked mediocre and ok at best. With Turning Point as their previous game, I think I'm gonna skip this one.

kingme713662d ago

Man, this company did itself no favors pumping out Turning Point even though they claimed they had no time, small budget, etc. Atari is publishing which needs to get itself a break after Alone in the Dark.

I see this one as a tepid release with average scores and average (or worse) sales at best. The best hope they could have is releasing during a dry spell.

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