Sony president says management change needed to ensure success of PS3

The recent management changes in Sony Corp.'s video game division were needed to ensure the success of the new PlayStation 3 console, Sony President Ryoji Chubachi told a newspaper Friday.

The launch of the new game machine is critical to Sony's recovery efforts, and Chubachi said the company wanted someone to share that responsibility with Ken Kutaragi, who is known as the ''father of the PlayStation.''

On Thursday, Kutaragi was relieved of day-to-day responsibilities as president of Sony's game unit but stayed on as chief executive and chairman of the division. Kazuo Hirai, the head of Sony's U.S. video game operations, was tapped to replace Kutaragi as Sony Computer Entertainment president. The management shuffle took effect Friday.

''Work of each executive in the gaming business has increased,'' Chubachi said in an interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan's top business daily. ''It's growing as a business in the U.S. and Europe, and a lot of work is involved to keep up with all the changes.''

The PS3 went on sale in November in Japan and the U.S. to eager fans waiting in long lines overnight. But Sony has stumbled in mass-producing the consoles. Its sale in Europe was postponed until March and a global launch had been expected last spring.

When a delay was announced in September, Kutaragi blamed the electronics division because of the problems involved in mass-producing parts for the Blu-ray next-generation video.

In Japan, company presidents run the daily business operations and being promoted to chairman sometimes disguises retirement or demotion. In some cases, a chairman can be extremely influential, especially if the executive is charismatic and publicly popular as is Kutaragi.

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Marriot VP4398d ago

And that's what it takes, new management. Everyone should be happy about this cause the PS3 isn't going in the right direction from the start with Blu-ray.

Capt CHAOS4397d ago

Get rid of the monkeys who insisted on blu-ray on that console. If it wasn't for the darn blu-ray, it wouldn't be so expensive and quantities would have been available.. Sony could have produced a better GAMING console - that IS what it's meant for isn't it??
oh - and i'd have one sitting here too by now.

power of Green 4398d ago

Poor Ken, Sony's blaming The poor planning poor design and the knee-jerk build of the PS3 saying it's Ken fault not the PS3 itself, it's just sad and pathetic.

specialguest4398d ago

the PS3 is not a living entity, how can you blame a hardware? you have to blame the person who ultimately approves the decision making. that person is Ken, not the product of Kens decision making, the PS3.

power of Green 4398d ago

Ken K. told the world the PS3 would be like the Xbox in "THE ISLAND" and let the masses down around it's launch but that alone isn't what's hurting the PS3.

THink about it.

DixieNormS4398d ago

I mean to say that Ken probably didn't even want BR in the PS3 but SONY made him do it probably. Now SONY knows that they might of have F'D up so they blame it on poor old ken who is only thinking about gamers. Kinda sad. OH WELL.

Sphinx4398d ago

...if Sony is trying to go in the right direction, that is a good thing, right?

power of Green 4398d ago

Remember Sony let Ken open his mouth they didn't stop him from setting the exspectations too high for PS3 and it back fired.

Sphinx4398d ago

I really want to see Sony go the way of Sega. I think they deserve it. All I'm saying is that they might actually be trying to redeem themselves... and the PS4 may be really good because of this. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude! lol

drfunkenstein4398d ago

Power of the green II wasn't referring to you as shooting for the Sun and/or Mars, his reference was to the ambitiously flamboyant statement made by Kutaragi that the 360 was shooting for the moon whereas the PS3 was shooting for Sun. At this point, Sony should just be concentrating on putting a person into orbit.

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The story is too old to be commented.