10 Games That Used Sex to Sell

CheatCC: It seems like sexism, feminism and blah blah blah is all the rage in the gaming world these days. And far be it from us to stay out of the loop. So we decided to take sex by the horns and ride it… um, you know what? Never mind. Let’s just get to the part about how sex sells games and how there are several games throughout history that have either relied on or were sold solely for their boob-laden content. What follows is a list of some of the top-selling boob-fired sales winners.

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TheTimeDoctor1301d ago

I like boobs...I like video games...makes sense to have a bit of both

PoSTedUP1301d ago

i hate men...i hate sexy women...makes sense to write a misogyny article.

WeAreLegion1301d ago

One website that uses sex to get hits.

WeAreLegion1301d ago

Haha. That's definitely one of them.

I'm just referencing the various smut pieces cheatcc keeps making.

PoSTedUP1301d ago

didnt know cathrine was like that. from the gameplay i saw i was gonna rent it because it looks good right up my ally, not because of sex. also heardit was a good game.

SaveFerris1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Were The Guy Game, Girl Fight and BMX XXX really 'top selling'?

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