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"If you played F-Zero on the GBA and felt it needed a cheesy story mode like F-Zero GX, then look no further than F-Zero: GP Legend!

Like the story mode in GX, this game is balls hard; the second mission makes you play a track perfectly, I mean take every corner flawlessly, not hitting the sides once, and coming first. After that, you pretty much have to either come first or second in every race to progress through the story mode, which makes up most of this game. A more apt name for this mode would be 'random event generator', as increasingly bizarre and unrelated things happen, often mid-conversation. 'Oh someone has been kidnapped, but forget about that because another guy feels sad for losing all the time, so race Dr Stewart and feel better about it'. Perhaps the terrible cutscenes would have been less annoying if it meant doing unique objectives on the track, but all it boils down to is 'race and come first'."

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IQUITN4G1180d ago

I would very much appreciate F-Zero gx making it's way to Wii U