The Best and the Biggest Let Downs of 2014

Destiny ended up being everything I feared it would be, far too serious and a jagged stick shoved up its arse sucking any fun out of it

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Satyre281418d ago

Shadow of mordor was a good game, but the gameplay/combat was such a snoozefest. The world was fairly small too, overall a decent game but wasnt really sure why people made it seem like it was this "amazing" game when a major aspect of the game was pretty boring.

FrugalDaz1418d ago

Each to their own, the combat was the highlight for me. It was the game world that let it down.

Satyre281418d ago

Absolutely agree, i have a friend that loved it. Also he did not like the world either. I just enjoy a nice combat system and having to spam a couple buttons just doesnt do it for me. Overall as i said the game was good, i just didnt think it was great as i have heard from a lot of people.

UglyGeezer1418d ago

Aye. It felt like you were just in a quarry, like a low budget B-Movie. Mordor could and should have been something twisted and wild.

ScorpiusX1418d ago

Biggest disappointment was destiny.
Now if you want disappointment Watch dogs has this one. Everything else in 2014 was tolerable.

FrugalDaz1418d ago

Tolerable... I guess Destiny was tolerable, it was a let-down though.

VforVideogames1418d ago

The real biggest disappointment was and still is Halo MCC 3 months and still not fix just try big team battle and you'll see what I mean.

TheRacingX1417d ago

My biggest disappointment was the PS4, delays delays delays, Infamous was ok and Driveclub eventually got better, but 1st party stuff was lacking. Most games I bought for PS4 were multi plat...Wofenstein, Alien, Diablo....I stumbled on a huge deal for a X1 day one ed with a free yr of live and Killer Instinct game and had to grab it.....I feel it saved my 2014, Killer Instinct is a fantastic fighting game, Forza helped while Driveclub kept getting delayed, Titanfall while not the revolution in gaming was a fun ride, PvZ garden warfare was not out yet on PS platforms so it was semi exclusive and still is a great multiplayer game, Sunset Overdrive was a fresh idea and fun game......I hope 2015 is better thats for sure, looking forward to Bloodborne, The Order, MK X, The Witcher, ..... oh and BTW, The Wii U kicked ass too with DKCR, Bayonetta, MK8, SSB and Hyrule Warriors was a pretty decent ride as well....