Alone in the Dark PS3 Set for Q4 2008

An updated Atari release schedule has revealed that Alone in the Dark for PS3 - recently released for Xbox 360, Wii, PC and PS2 - is pencilled in for release in Q4 2008. This means PS3 gamers won't be getting their hands on the title until October at the earliest.

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Forbidden_Darkness3696d ago

why want push it back until next year to make sure the PS3 version handles well, looks better and has the best content. from what ive been hearing, the controls and such are horrible. hopefully they fix those before release.

Baba19063696d ago

seems like the are still fighting with the game making on ps3. hope they get used to it soon.

Raoh3696d ago

another late release/timed exclusive bites the dust..

sorry Alone in the Dark.... the reviews are in .... you suck..... with a simultaneous release at least you would have received some ps3 money..

but with those poor reviews your lucky to get ps2 money.....

bluecapone3696d ago

well they better use this time to improve on that crappy ass game