15 For '15 - Our Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 | Worlds Factory

"We chose fifteen games for our most anticipated games of 2015 list. Find out which ones are in and which ones are out, then tell us yours!"

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ccgr1274d ago

Should be a good year for gaming!

kaiserfranz1274d ago

I hope there will be less failures than there were in 2014.

Aurenar1274d ago

I keep waiting for The Witcher 3...

...and Arkham Knight...

...and Quantum Break...

...and Battlefront...

...and Zelda...

...and...s**t... where I find all this money?

Alexious1274d ago

Most of them are single player games, you could buy, finish the story and bring them back for a new one.

Imp0ssibl31274d ago

I think I'll do it this way, otherwise it would just cost me too much...