The 10 Worst Villains in Gaming


We have all played games where we thought that the final boss, or any boss or enemy for that matter, was just dumb. There have even been times where the final battle was so anti-climactic that it just cheapened the ending of the game all the way around. So with that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the dumbest and worst villains in video gaming. What makes them the worst? Well, let’s start by defining them as anything or anyone that gets in the way of you completing the game you are playing. Otherwise, this list is just going to be too big to read in any realistic amount of time.

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ScorpiusX1416d ago

For me it has to be the darkness from destiny.
I just didn't grasp what it was or how it came to be.

goldwyncq1416d ago

Sephiroth? Clickbait article confirmed.

scark921416d ago

Sephiroth looks quite like Sean Penn..

Irishguy951416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

First of all, 10 pages my ***

1: Bison - Street fighter
2: Girahim - Skyward sword
3: jet tje hawk - sonic raiders
4: Andross - Star fox
5: Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)
6: Team Galactic (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl)
7: RAMM- Gears of war
8: Yggdrasill (Tales of Sypmhonia)
9: Sephiroth (FF7)
10: Mario (Donkey kong jn)

Number 2 ----

In response to
"Before everyone goes and gets their panties in a twist, hear me out. Sephiroth excels at one thing only. He can stand around and look like a bad mother all day long. But how bad is he really? First of all, he sounds like some whiny kid that got lost at the mall. Secondly, he could give a s*** less about Cloud or anyone else but J.E.N.O.V.A. and truthfully, if you break it down to sheer intensity of combat, the shape-shifted to Sephiroth version of J.E.N.O.V.A. is way tougher than the actual Sephiroth. That makes him one of the worst villains ever. Now that it’s been said, you may commence flinging your hate."

Play the game, pay attention. Jenova is Sephiroths bitch, not the other way around. Theres only one moment in the game Sephiroth ever considers Jenova his superior. During the Nibelheim burn down incident. Other than that, Sephiroth rightfully realizes he is superior to Jenova.

Tell me..who does Cloud hand the black materia too? Who is the last boss of the game? Whos running around the whole game trying to find the other? Whos controlling who? Its very clear once Sephiroth actually arrives in the game, what has been going on

Pozzle1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I'm surprised people still don't get that Jenova was Sephiroth's bitch in the game. It's like the watched the Nibelheim flashback and nothing else. Sure, the mistranslations can make certain parts of the game difficult to follow, but I thought it was made pretty obvious that Sephiroth (not Jenova) is the one in control.

Hell, Sephiroth spent most of the game destroying pieces of Jenova's main body (they were the Jenova bosses the player battled) and trying to sabotage Jenova's Reunion (by sending the "clones" after the Black Materia instead of letting them go to Jenova's body, and killing them at the Whirlwind Maze). If Jenova was the one in charge of Sephiroth, why would she WANT her Reunion to fail like that? Why would she let the "clones" to follow Sephiroth instead of re-form with her main body? Why would she intentionally let pieces of herself be destroyed? That would contradict her very purpose (to reunite her missing body parts and destroy the planet). It wouldn't make any sense if she was the one in charge of Sephiroth's actions.

But if Sephiroth is the one in charge of his own actions, then it makes perfect sense that he would destroy the pieces of Jenova. He doesn't want Jenova's Reunion to succeed, because if Jenova re-formed herself, she would be a potential threat to Sephiroth and his goal to absorb the Lifestream and become a god. That is why he is seen destroying the "clones" at the Northern Crater and why he throws pieces of Jenova at the main characters to battle. He WANTS her to be destroyed, so he can then complete his own goals unhindered.

dumahim1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Even if that wasn't the case and he was a pawn for Jenova, Sephiroth is the face of what you are fighting against. That doesn't make him a bad villain when he's what you are up against.
This is just sad logic twisted for the benefit of including him on the list for clickbat.

Godmars2901416d ago

You could take the view that if Jenova was a natural force in the universe who returned the lifeforce of worlds to a universal lifestream that she was actually good in a way. That the FF7 world, having technically lived past its intended life span, was on the way of becoming cancerous in the form of Shinra who were exploiting planetary lifeforce. That in "saving" their world the heroes of FF7 both condemned another which would have been brought about in the natural course of time, and broken a universal lifestream. Disrupted it to produce unknown consequences.

Just a bit of nonsense which shows why FF worlds should be final. the whole "Hero lives long enough to be a villain" argument.

TricksterArrow1416d ago

The only case one could make for Jenova is that, in a minor scale, she somehow influenced Sephiroth in being what he is. I mean, Sephiroth wants the same thing as Jenova, but for his own. It's like he is Jenova 2.0. He is what he is because of jenova's cells, if he was born without her cells, I'm not sure how he would've turned out, since there were several moments that Jenova CLEARLY influenced him in doing things.

By the end of the game, despite these influences, Sephiroth was his own man though. But the question remains, maybe it was somehow Jenova's wish? I mean, she can keep on living from a single cell, and Sephiroth is full of her cells.

FFVII is deep man.

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