Battlefield Hardline : "screens" are really pre-renders

EA never claimed that the thirty "visuals" released today were in game screenshots, but then again they didn't point out that we were looking at pre rendered "ui loading" screens either.

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3-4-51185d ago

The videos looked good though and that seems to be what we are playing.

Making issue out of loading screen pictures now ?

At some point there needs to be checks and balances over stirring the pot just for the sake of it.

Neixus1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Meh, it's pretty common to have bullshots these days, unfortunately.

XTGN1185d ago

Annoying though, with a lack of information, these got posted everywhere else as "screens". I doubt there was any deliberate attempt to fool anyone, though it was left "wide open" for people to come to their own incorrect assumptions...

MysticStrummer1185d ago

Curious to see how this will sell. Most people I know aren't interested.

SolidDuck1185d ago

I really enjoy battlefield games. But the next game like this I plan on buying is Star Wars battlefront.

OMEGAXS11185d ago

Guess im one of the few thats gonna get this game.