The Most Gratuitous Headshots Video Ever

GamesRadar writes: "The world of gaming would be a sad, sad place indeed without the noble headshot. Ever since shooters first evolved to allow us to aim upwards, the sacred practice of skull-busting has been key to the whole experience. It's an insta-killing, ammo saving, stealth-enabling tactical wonder which saves lives, turns the tide of entire wars and provides a hell of a lot of cheap laughs along the way. Naturally, something so ingrained in the very fabric of gaming has evolved and branched out in every way imaginable over the years, honed and adapted over and over as different developers have stepped up to put their own individual spin on the most revered tool in the action gamer's arsenal."

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mariusmal3691d ago

sign me in for cardinal. that way i can have access to free booze and kids

Bathyj3691d ago

Manhunt has one of my favourite headshots. The brains stick to the wall for about 6 seconds and then fall like big wet clumps of toilet paper. A sniper rifle in the same game would sometime blow the head clean off, but sometimes it would just make a hole through it letting you see the inside of the skull and the background shinning through.

Statix3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I'm wondering, was Goldeneye the first FPS ever to allow headshots, or were there ones before that? That game seems to be the earliest I can recall playing an FPS to allowed one-hit-kill headshots.

Oh wait, forgot about Turok 1 which came out a few months before. Although headshots weren't very accurate in that game.

Relcom3691d ago

Cerebral Bore FTW! Favorite guns ever made.

Mcrmarcher3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Nice video, it brings back memories of golden eye and timespliters, dam i wish i still had golden eye,i still have my n64...ebay here i come=)

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