Far Cry 4 Creative Director reveals Pagan Min had double the screen time as Vaas

If there was any complaint most commonly heard about Pagan Min, it's that he didn't get enough time onscreen. He surely is deeply connected and visible in the main story, but some still felt Far Cry 4 needed more Pagan Min. Far Cry 4 Creative Director Alex Hutchinson talked about the position the team was in when it came to Pagan Min.

"The hardest part is pacing; after you meet him we wanted to get you to the open world and freedom as fast as possible. The consequence of this is you can run off hunting bears for four hours, and feel like he never speaks to you again, or you can mainline the story missions and see him again faster," Hutchinson said.

He went on to say Pagan is actually "onscreen for twice as long as Vaas," who was in Far Cry 3. That may not seem right to some, while it could seem more accurate to others, it all depends on the open-world experience you had in Far Cry 4. With the inherent freedom players are given in an open-game, they have more control over how much they see Pagan Min. The control is ultimately out of Ubisoft's, which is part of a company giving freedom to the players.

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TWB1423d ago

Yeah, I too felt that he appeared in the game less than Vaas did in FC3 but I also remember Pagan better and think he was a more interesting characters so I guess that would mean he did have more screen time.

Crazay1423d ago

I agree with you. I think that Pagan Min was a far superior character to vaas. I wanted him on screen more and I always hung on his every word.

GarrusVakarian1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Vaas was on-screen for a very small amount of time compared to how long the entire story was. Doubling that results in a slightly larger amount of time - but still very small.

It always makes me laugh how Ubisoft keep creating these games with boring, unlikeable protagonists for their games - the people that we play as for hours on end - yet give their antagonists, which are almost always much more colourful and interesting, much less screen-time.

pivotplease1423d ago

It's true. I never cared about a single Farcry or Assassin's Creed protagonist at all. Then again, I feel like most developers just go for a blank canvas approach to make the character into some sort of dull everyman that might be easily related to. On the other hand, these characters lack soul to the point where I am never really emotionally invested. Man... I might be done playing anything from Ubisoft and Activision. EA has Bioware and I have yet to play a Mass Effect game so I can't write them off yet.

GarrusVakarian1423d ago

I thought Connor in AC3 was bad...until I played Watchdogs. Ethan is by far the most depressing, unlikeable, shallow ass dude I've ever played in any game. Ever.

pivotplease1423d ago

Then there was the MC from the original Ghost Recon. No just joking, but yeah if they can't make good ones I guess it's better that they don't try to. We all saw what happened with FFXIII. The phrase cringe-worthy just got overused there.

InMyOpinion1423d ago

And he still managed to go by much more unnoticed...

Love the game though. My personal GOTY 2014.

pivotplease1423d ago

Right up there with Infamous for me. Have yet to play Dragon Age, but I watched my friend play and I don't know if I can really spare 100+ hours on grinding, MMOish fetch quests, and relentless dialogue trees. Would much rather play Persona or Disgaea 5 or wait to see what this Witcher games all about.

Gamer19821423d ago

There saying double no doubt as SPOILER ALERT!!! You kill Vaas in the middle of FC3 and Min at the end of FC4..

pivotplease1423d ago

I think it's just because he talks for so long at the beginning and end. When you think about it... you run into Vaas like four times after the start of the game, but with Pagan, you start the game and then don't see him until the end. There's no sense of bonding or character development. It's more like they show you him, throw you into his world, and then you see him after undergoing some severe changes and find it hard to distinguish between him and yourself. I think this was their goal, but I would have liked some Pagan in the middle.

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