SCEE "can't confirm" Firmware 2.41 report

VG247: SCEE has just said that it can't firm up reports that a PS3 Firmware 2.41 release is to be made this week, but fell short of issuing a denial.

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Close_Second3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

...out already. I downloaded 2.40 with a problem but have yet to download the Super Stardust HD patch so I can start earning some trophies.

Lifendz3665d ago

anyone know what caused it? You think it would have affected more of us if it were that severe. I heard something about it affecting people with less than 3 gbs of free space on their drive.

I'm holding my breath because I have the original 60gb model and do not want to have to go through Sony customer service and get a 40gb sent back to me.

Sitris3666d ago

No denial, well we know its coming, so when it does, ill download it lol no need to hold my breath my ps3 works fine with 2.4

PSN ID: Sitris

XBOX OWNS PS33665d ago

Thats due to Sony not giving a monkeys!!!!

jif863665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

to your XBOX FEE FIX ME ripping a hole in the o-zone layer with its 62nd RRoD

Seriously, you guys must get a hard on for anti-Sony news.

Stop swallowing the Microflacids penis than Rob Greenburgh keeps tapping you with. Oh, well, go on then. Just kiss it a kiss and wink at yourself in the mirror you feckin worthless cum-guzzling XBOT. You probably have sex with your own sister you sick freak.


butterfinger3665d ago

SCEE can't confirm something that SCEA is in charge of. We'll have a press release sometime today.

thehitman3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I mean everytime there is a firmware there is a "rumour" of some random pplz ps3 breaking. I mean I would believe it if I knew som1 who broke or mine broke or even there was a control breakage like the 20gigs or 60gigs.

I think this is all fabrication by 360 fanboys hating. If you go on youtube and look up broken ps3 or bricked ps3s or anything with dead ps3 you can barely find 1 video with an ACTUAL broken ps3. You look up 3rod you got like a million different people off jump showing their 360s fuked up.

Here proof of how I think this is pure fabrication:

Fishy Fingers3665d ago

If it was merely a hoax why would Sony remove the update and even the SSHD patch?

You don't need to look for a hidden agenda, personally I dont know anyone experiencing problems but I can hardly say that the problems dont exist, there are alot of PS3's out there. Facts are facts, Sony had problems, removed the update, will work it out and re-release it.

thehitman3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

because they THOUGHT something was wrong and when did they remove it because my friend just updated his and his worked fine


Jack Meahoffer3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Okay let’s go with your scenario... Let’s say Sony pulled the update just because some 360 fans spread a rumor on the internet that some peoples PS3 were bricking... Under this scenario MS is the devil and Sony is the innocent retard. Do you really think the corporation you worship is that native? Is that the best conspiracy theory you can dream up? Has to be some reason other than Sony rushing out a firmware update to provide features that are 18 months late... Yeah couldn't be that...

A huge corporation doesn't pull an update unless they find proof of a problem THEMSELVES. If Sony was that vulnerable to misinformation they would have gone out of business 50 years ago. Grow up.

Blackcanary3665d ago

I have found a problem with 2.40 and super star dust HD ever since i download the firm ware and the new patch every time i use the in game XMB to read a message or to send a message my PS3 will frezze or it will frezze when i bring up the up the XMB and i have a Lunch Japanese 60 GB PS3 so there is a problem with 2.40 and also my Mate Jonny-Slacer on the PSN has won trophies and there not even showing on his Profile. so i hope Sony fixs this problem asap.

I love the 2.40 Firmware but i think they rushed and that it wasn't ready to come out when it did.

thehitman3665d ago

But my real thing I dont know about is it BRICkING ps3. PPl have claimed that their ps3s dont work after it but yet no1 I know has had this problem. I dont doubt that ppls xmb freezes when doing certain things.

dantesparda3665d ago

Well i havent seen or heard of anybody with a problem yet (other than on the internet) but i wonder why this few are having problems. What is the differences with them, that made their sh!t mess up

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