COD’s Havoc Pack highlights the problem with DLC… Again

MWEB GameZone writes: "Tomorrow, Sledgehammer Game’s releases their first big piece of Downloadable Content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The ever popular zombies game mode is a key bit of the Havoc Pack, but some have questioned if that mode should be DLC in the first place."

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HanCilliers1417d ago

I agree, I can't help but feel devs are exploiting gamers with DLC.

3-4-51417d ago

* Verbal warnings do nothing for companies.

Show them with your wallets/money.

Don't give them money.

When they don't get money, the people at the top who are responsible for this get mad and or in trouble and lose their job. ( in some cases)

* They talk talk "money" back to them.

SonZeRo1417d ago

I was actually expecting Z's in the original game and was quite surprised when i saw that it is only coming with the DLC. Aslong as people continue to pay for DLC's the companies will continue to milk the people's wallets.

plut0nash1417d ago

I maintain that DLC is rarely done well. I have my favourites, mostly because they add hours into the games I play - and bring more into lore / story. Borderlands / Souls games come to mind. Anything that was cut from release and then sold separately I stay far away from. Forza 5 pissed me off nicely by excluding the top performing leaderboard cars for DLC.

Whitey2k1417d ago

i dont mind getting DLC but the likes of CoD and battlefield you end up paying for all DLC and future DLCs at the price for the full game almost! and i dont wanna do that where that amount of money can go towards another game.


exactly my thinking.

do I really want to pay for a few extra maps or would I rather put that money towards a new game with for a new experience.

I rarely, very rarely touch dlc these days. when I do I make sure I pay what I think the extra content is worth.

I got the BF4 Premium edition and sold my old bf4 copy for £10 so in all I got the premium for £10, which call me crazy, is what I think dlc like that should be worth.

If a game is going to last like 3 or 4 or more years and it has proper big expansions to carry it through then I don't mind the sort of higher price DLC.

however, paying £40 - £50 for a game and then another £20+ (which as a price bracket is becoming more and more common) and then a year later or two years max you are buying the next game in the series which half the time offers nothing new... that to me is unacceptable and I won't support games pulling off crap like that.

LonDonE1417d ago

Agreed i am the same way, destiny dlc pricing is disgusting especially when you can blatantly see they took content out the main game and story which is shameful.
Playing through the master chief collection and all the older halo games again made me think "just WTF happened to bungie"? seriously they used to make such awesome games with jam packed full of content while destiny is a great game it is a complete joke when compared to the value a halo game used to give u.

Skate-AK1417d ago

I guess people keep forgetting that zombies is Treyarch's thing. Sledgehammer or Activision is just trying to capitalize on it.

plut0nash1417d ago

Popular in Ghosts I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.