Is DriveClub worth a second chance at £14.99 pre-owned?

Dealspwn: "We bashed DriveDlub at launch for its missing features and broken features, but several months on, Sony's maligned racer has apparently improved in terms of the netcode, challenges and amazing new dynamic weather. This stuff should never have needed to be patched in, but we're glad it's there. So, perhaps this cheap PS4 deal might be worth a look for £14.99 pre-owned if you don't want to wait for the PS Plus edition at less than fifteen quid.

Some of regulars and peers seem to think so. Do you?"

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sizeofyou1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago ) answer the question:
Emphatic YES!
From someone who's enjoyed from day one anyway...

Blues Cowboy1417d ago

Thanks, great to get feedback from people who've played it and have spent serious time with a title! Will consider it in due course but ideally fancy waiting for the PS+ version.

CorndogBurglar1417d ago

Definitely get it if you are a fan of racing games. I've it about a month, once i was sure all the issues were fixed.

Its a great game, and people owe it to themselves to see the visuals for themselves as well. Its simply amazing looking, while having flawless controls.

GarrusVakarian1417d ago

"Is DriveClub worth a second chance at £14.99 pre-owned?"

100% yes, it's not even a question at that price. I bought it for £20 and I thought that was a steal. £15 is pocket change for one of the best racers on the market.

And then you can use the money you saved to buy the season pass (£20), which gives you two tour packs per month until July this year. When all is said and done, there will be four times as much content through DLC than there is in the base game. :D

Sigh...if only DC was this good at launch.

OB1Biker1417d ago

Disgusting click bait headline.
a 'second chance' pre owned £14.99?
My gaming budget is limited but that headline is derogatory. any game is of course interesting to buy 'pre owned'

Jdoki1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I bought the PSN upgrade over the weekend. With the 10% discount Sony are giving at the moment it seemed worth a go.

For that money I cannot be disappointed.

For £14.99 it is absolutely worth buying without hesitation if you like driving games.

For me it's a solid 7/10 at the moment. Definitely not the best racing game I've played, but it looks phenomenal and is providing a good distraction.

It seems to get better as the faster cars unlock so hoping that trend continues. My big complaint so far is that there's not enough of a connection between the car, track, in-game physics and me. Things like sliding seem more like just playing a sound effect than actually feeling the car start to lose grip. Same with crashing - I don't feel the jostling, door rubbing and bumping - just the sound effect playing. I felt the same with Motorstorm, so maybe I just don't like Evolutions style of racing model.

Blues Cowboy1417d ago

"My big complaint so far is that there's not enough of a connection between the car, track, in-game physics and me. Things like sliding seem more like just playing a sound effect than actually feeling the car start to lose grip."

Hmm. Handling is a big deal for me in racing games - is it that the game feels arcadey/drifty or that the handling feels shonky? I actually like drift-heavy arcade racers, but not if it doesn't feel satisfying to drive.

Jdoki1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Same here, control and feedback is the #1 priority in a racing game. And I'm a big fan of racing games :)

It definitely isn't shonky. It's just the physics model they have chosen. It's more biased toward arcadey, but doesn't hit the sweet spot between arcade and sim (in my opinion).

Unfortunately I don't have a wheel yet for my PS4. So I can only comment on the controller and it's a little hard to explain. What seems to be missing is that balance point... For example, I push deep in to a corner and hear the squeal of the tires, but I don't feel the car starting to break away. If I jam on the brakes I don't feel the skid enough. Same with bumping and nudging other cars - there's not enough feedback or response other than the sound effect (I realise the game encourages non-contact, but when it does happen it shouldn't break immersion).

This may sound ridiculous - but it doesn't give that 'emotional' and tactile feel like some racing games do (my fave being the old TOCA 2 on PS1). So whilst the races can be exciting at times, I always felt I was piloting a cockpit along a track in a game, rather than being immersed in a high powered car.

For the money though, I wasn't disappointed - I just can't see me playing it long. But my opinion may change as I get to the faster cars as I am still new to the game.

Blues Cowboy1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Jdoki. Really detailed and useful feedback, it's much appreciated.

EDIT: Seriously considering buying a PS4 next month in time for Bloodborne and wondering to grab DriveClub beforehand since it's cheap - that's why I'm asking.

Jdoki1417d ago


Early 2015 is probably the right time to get a PS4 I'd say.

Bloodborne looks to be a great title.

There's no word on when the PS+ freebie version of DriveClub will be out, but if you see it for cheap then it's probably worth getting.

Also if you are getting a PS+ subscription, you can buy the download version of DriveClub for cheap anyway if you can't find a used copy. I paid £17.99 for it iirc - it's a bit confusing as it's called the 'Upgrade Edition' or something like that - but it is the full game.

CorndogBurglar1417d ago

I'm not sure what he means entirely.

Try playing a race in the rain and tell me your car doesn't lose traction and slide off the road, lol.

tlougotg1417d ago

Im not much a car racing game fan (although i always seem to buy GT lol) but i will tell you that this game even for me was worth it at 50$ at launch.. The graphics, the weather, the handling (the difference in handling in cars is noticeable and adds realism)and the fun factor/re playability are all great! I play it almost everyday and no hyperbole im still sometimes in awe of what im seeing. Oourse its not all about graphics but this game plays great as well.

As for Bloodborn we are all waiting lol

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sizeofyou1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Just goes to show that games are subjective...I actually get emotionally involved in it's racing and have referenced Driveclub in terms of the TOCA series (see above!).
One man's 'cordon bleu' is anothers 'worms at the end of the garden'! Respect to all for feedback and we enjoy what WE enjoy! :)

Jdoki1417d ago

Not often on N4G you see a considered non-judgemental response!

Maybe people who like driving like maniacs in games are just a better class of gamer! :)

yewles11417d ago

Who makes these articles, dev/pubs under aliases?

Blues Cowboy1417d ago

Erm, videogame deals sites make these articles. Devs and pubs would get found out within minutes if they decided to write their own articles - the internet wouldn't stand for it!

csreynolds1417d ago

Er, yes? It's worth a chance at £25 brand new. It's a brilliant racer.

snookiegamer1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

DriveClub is like a Drug! There are parts of DC that I just can't beat, and that keeps me trying so hard, almost hrs on end just to qualify a time to get that elusive star! I literally come within 0.344s of achieving it!!

OMG!! ..DC totally makes you a better driver with each and every attempt. You get that rare 'Just-One-More-Go' feeling that can last all night!

Evo continue to update a racer that's impossibly addictive and super fun to play. So yup, IMO ...DriveClub is worth every single penny ;o))

leogets1414d ago

The same with crossy road

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