Destiny: users are leaving because hard mode in Crota's End

Many redditors are accusing Bungie for the many bugs of the Hard Mode of Crota. They say that Bungie is only fixing the glitches and it doesn't patch bugs to punish the gamers.

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Nitrowolf21417d ago

They aren't leaving because of Hard Mode, they are leaving cause the fact that these bugs that they are encountering are the same ones when the DLC launched, making it just not fun or worth the time to do the raid. I wasn't expecting them to trea this raid any different than the last one, and that is basically ignore all the issues and just fix all the ways to cheese it. I mean, I understand, but come one do your job and make it playable at least for most people instead of having to deal with all the random bugs

ThatOneRiggaNob1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

EXACTLY! I would have no problem with this raid if they would fix all the bugs that infest the encounter. Just too many things can glitch out and it makes it not fun. Dying more because the game causes you to die more than your own mistakes.

PerrynAybara1417d ago

We can add that after every death the amount of heavy weapon ammo decreases, cause a bug. You have to spend millions to buy purple synthesis before every raid.

Afreelunch1417d ago

I left about 2 months ago when I realized that Activision is balls deep in this thing and I'd have to pay for the other 50% of the prototype that they decided to axe and sell later at a premium. If the game was anything other than constant grinding over and over in the same environments while getting whacked by poor exotic weapons balancing in MP I might even be OK with that. And I never even ran into any of the glitches.

BattleTorn1417d ago

I saw that they nerfed (or buffed, shall I say) the mission Fist of Crota, cause I presume too many people were farming bounties on it.

Because of that I barely could manage to solo it with my weaker 2nd character. (27)

gnothe11417d ago

we played it last night on hard...had the Templar almost dead an it just glitched out an killed everybody...we was pissed....

bananaboats1417d ago

I thnk you might be talking about VoG. There is no Templar in Crota's raid

FriedGoat1417d ago

He is talking about the vault.
But it doesn't matter because he is referencing the bugs that plague this game.

Drithe1417d ago

I am well known Destiny lover. But Bungie is just dragging out HM with all these bugs. I mean, I was in a group that should have beat Crota in 10 minutes.

I know groups that owned Vault of Glass HM and is getting killed in Crota HM. I think it is a matter of luck sometimes.

Bungie seems to forget this is just a game and it should be fun. We should be getting tons of fun through content, not making things so hard they suck to play.

I know many who will not buy any DLC after the Wolves DLC until all of it is out and is discounted. IT does not speak well for Destiny 2. I know I myself will not buy Destiny 2 until Destiny 3 is 6 months away.

JeffGUNZ1417d ago

You know what kills me man? Watching Hallowed knights health regen in front of me. Not all the way but I'll be lighting them up with word of crota, then with a slither it just goes back to a quarter health. come on Bungie.

Wait till they fix the middle platform. They will extend the boomer range.

bananaboats1417d ago

I managed to beat HM crota with a group of randoms. So in my book this isn't diffcult. It's the small bugs that make it take longer than it should, like crota hitting the swordholder while his going down to a knee or being able to hit him as the swordholder has cleared crotas platform. small things like that can frustrate a team, especially people with no patience. But hell I got my Fang of Ir Yut so im a happy Mofo.

Tetsujin1417d ago

Bungie logic:

"Let's fix VoG by releasing a new raid so very few will visit it again!"

months later

"Let's fix Crota's end by hyping the new raid then release it!"

I gave up on Destiny after the bs responses from DeeJ. There's only so many times the phrase "we hear you" can be believed.

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