Mega Man 9 - first footage

From GoNintendo...

"Huge thank you to Meophist for this one. He found some quick gameplay footage of the upcoming Mega Man 9 for WiiWare. The gameplay looks fantastic, the music sounds awesome, and the nostalgia is overwhelming. I cannot wait for this game…"

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Main_Street_Saint3667d ago

No it looks awesome. I've been waiting for a new 'old school' game for a while. Looks like I'm back to playing another Mega man.

Tempist3667d ago

Um... then why not just stick yourself in nostalgia land and get off the internets and pay your NES.

I can understand that Megaman/Rocman needs a new direction and all, but I fail to see the reason to re-visit your childhood. It was precious then, don't sully it now. Sometimes going back is fine, but going forwards will always ultimately be the direction you have to go.

Main_Street_Saint3667d ago

Well I haven't had an NES for years... Always wanted a top loading one but boy those babies are price gauge fodder. Well yeah I do agree that forward is always the way to go but sometimes we should go back now and then to really remember the younger days of gaming. Besides you know Capcom, they release an enhanced version for one of the other systems anyhow.

BrotherNick3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Games in the past are fun as much as they are now, it's nice to have some games that give the retro feel. I bet it'll be just as fun for people who are fans of the series. I guess you didn't like your past too much Tempist.

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phantomexe3667d ago

nice going enjoy this game.Hope we see more new retro style games like this on wiiware

PS360WII3667d ago

Good stuff right there go Mega Man

Main_Street_Saint3667d ago

Wow this might be the start of a classic gaming movement. Who knows might get the old school make-over again. Mario? Metroid? Kirby? Hmmmmmmmm I'm getting excited thinking of it.

Old Snake3667d ago

WTF 8 bit graphics are you joking me? Come on Sure the Wii isn't a graphical power house but 8 bit is a little weak. I'd love a 2d megaman, but at least make it more colorful 32 bit graphics ftw

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The story is too old to be commented.