Top 5 High Detailed Video Games Heroes of All Time

The main protagonist or a hero of the game should be good looking, here are the 5 most detailed heroes of gaming history.

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Stupid1393d ago

Well, Arno Dorian has awesome personality but due to ACU, im still waiting for stable version

Skyline_p1393d ago

Kratos from God of War one of the top over hyped character nothing else

BiggerBoss1393d ago

You mustve never played God of War. Kratos is one of the most badass characters in gaming history

Hamzaali1393d ago

Arno Dorian – Assassin’s Creed Unity <3

Speed-Racer1393d ago

Because we don't need to scroll through 5 different pages to see 5 bullet points.

5. Arno Dorian – Assassin’s Creed Unity
4. Geralt – The Witcher 2
3. Scorpion – Mortal Kombat
2. Jin Kazama – Tekken
1. Kratos – God of War

Drithe1393d ago

Thank you. I hate those damn page scrolling sites.

Hanuman1393d ago

What a rubbish article. The site is riddled with advertising and the article doesn't show you in-game shots, but just some random artwork. I hate these clickbait sites.