Driveclub devs want to bring more cars to game and will lower the difficulty

Game director Paul Rustchynsky on PS4 exclusive Driveclub "bring more cars to Driveclub" and reduced AI drafting will reduce difficulty of the game.

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snookiegamer1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Make difficulty an 'Option' rather than outright lowering it...

More Cars doesn't hurt, but I would appreciate some City based tracks too please Evo...

Between DC & FH2, I'm pretty much sorted! Great Job on Fixing an awesome Racing Game Evo!


Thank You! ...and I totally agree on those Vehicles! ;)

VER1ON1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I agree with your comment - being able to pick from different AI drafts would be better instead of lowering the complete difficulty all together.

What about an Eclipse or Nissan GT-R...

CernaML1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

There IS an option to tweak AI difficulties already.

Well, for a single race at least. Not sure about tour mode.

craig2web1416d ago

Are you talking about time trial?

Crazyglues1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Please No... DriveClub has to be about what the gamer wants, and I hate the idea of making it easier, that is a mistake... You lose the hardcore audience like that... (you can add it to the options but default has to be how it was before the update)

They already increased the grip slightly and it's made the game easier but at the sacrifice of being realistic --> for example the Hennessy Venom GT is so fast that the car will do a burnout in 2nd gear while cornering... Meaning, you have to tame the car before you can even dream of taming the track..

Now after the update it drives like a BMW anyone can take it around the track.. sad, sad, sad.

This car was done so well in the game, that it took me days to get good at keeping the car under control..too much gas and the wheels will spin, just like in real life --> it was the best feeling ever. (to get that good, to have that option to get to elite level)

As a racing game fan I loved how well the cars were captured, all of there true to life features - In Real Life You could not race that car around a race track if your life depended on it.. It would take days of practice, and the ride would be terrifying, the car is crazy fast. -Somehow they captured that in the game.

But Now they added grip, and anyone can do the track with this car. It's ridiculous.

Lowing the games difficulty is a huge mistake. Especially for Super*Cars they are Monsters in real life it takes real skills..

You dumb it down you lose the racing fans/ when was the last time you heard Grand Turismo saying we turned it down so it's easy for everybody... That's a Game Fail - You don't do that.

DriveClub is starting to lose it's way and no one is more nervous then me, because I truly loved the game.. Super*Cars must remain Super*Cars..

||.........___||............ ||

craig2web1416d ago

Couldn't disagree more. Ultimately, it needs selectable difficulty levels so everyone can enjoy the game. To only make it playable for a small handful of only the most hardcore gamers is a quick way to alienate the gaming public at large and destroy your financial viability. By all means, have a level of difficulty equal to the current difficulty, but give us a lot of other levels as well.

Crazyglues1416d ago

@ craig2web

Wow... ok this is interesting, I see the disagrees and ok let's have a good discussion..

because I'm shocked people want the game watered down... and I guess if your finding it too hard to drive, I can feel your pain, but how can you get to an awesome racing level if everything is easy..(I agree with different Difficulty levels)-I just don't want them to make the whole game easy, make an easy option in the settings, if that's what you want but keep it how it was by default for the super*cars.

I don't want all the cars hard, I was just saying the super*cars really shouldn't be turned down because how can that be fun if it's as easy as driving a BMW, then why not just do the track with a BMW.

and please weigh in on this, say something, don't just disagree, because how can I see your side if you don't even write it people.

I really want to hear what racers of the game are thinking about this aspect?

jp_footy21416d ago

I, like you, Crazyglues, love driving the venom.

I havn't played much since the last update, is it really easier to drive now?

Crazyglues1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

@ jp_footy2

Thanks footy2 I appreciate that... yeah it is a little easier now because they added grip, and slowed it down just a little, so now turns are slightly easier at high speeds.. Sense of speed is slower.

and everything is more forgiving --just a little -- which does not seem like it would be bad, but now it's less vicious, less intimating.. When I first drove the Venom on Cashpoint in Canada for the first time, I was terrified, and excited, more than any other game because of the sense of speed and feel of the car, just done so good.

We need a return to stock option for the racers - because that was the best racing game I ever played.

This video sums it up the best-

I even commented on his video because- he felt just like I did when I was first driving it.

It's a different game now. -and I want to watch how good he gets later in the video, that's how it has to be, that's the best way to learn and get good, when you have a higher learning curve that's realistic, if it's just easy, there is no accomplishment there... nothing to master, it's like getting a trophy for just showing up, how can people just want it to be easy?

-I found the game easy to play, hard to master but possible not impossible, I felt their balance was perfect before the update. Making the game easier is just going to make it pointless to even play, no real challenge It's really not that hard now. it has an amazing balance and messing that up is a huge mistake.

if it's too easy you won't even play it..

MysticStrummer1416d ago

"I'm shocked people want the game watered down"

As an old school gamer I agree, but "accessible" is the trend now. Games are generally easier than they used to be, with some exceptions of course.

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Angeljuice1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


I completed the legends tour with a time that was ranked 25th in the world (now slipped to early 30's).

The game isn't too hard, it just takes commitment and perseverance (I'm by no means great at driving games even though I'm very fond of them). If I can finish it, anybody can.

craig2web1416d ago

That's basically my point though. For the relatively few who want to commit and persevere to be among the best, by all means, have a difficult setting for those that want a difficult or significant challenge. Most people that game (whether hardcore or casual) aren't looking for a difficult challenge. Most of us just want to have fun and relax. We don't want a game to become another job.

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bouzebbal1416d ago

this game is plain amazing. difficulty is fine for me as it is, hoping they don't lower the targets score or chrono too much. There is a good dose of challenge and i like it.
I gotta master these drifts.

ravens521416d ago

Please don't lower the difficulty. I don't want an easy racer I want a challenge and that's what I'm getting so far. I don't move to the next race until I have all the stars possible in an event. I'm currently stuck on this 1 race but I'll get it. And with skill and practice not by it being made easier. The end :)

Angeljuice1416d ago

I couldn't agree more. Some of the stars are difficult to get, but none are impossible if you put in some time and effort. It makes the victory all the sweeter and feel like a real achievement.

Father__Merrin1416d ago

please custom soundtracks, I want to play initial D soundtracks but the mp3 playback needs updating first on console

pody1416d ago

Just use the USB Music Player.

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