Kojima shows us Big Boss covered in blood as a result of intense fighting

Hideo Kojima offers us one of his usual behind the scenes look at the development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Here's Big Boss covered in blood after an intense fight.

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98xpresent1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

I like when games feature this.

lazyboyblue1050d ago

Kojima Seriously needs to stop posting any mgsv news that doesnt contain a release date.
There's teasing and then there's torturing.

Kumomeme1050d ago

why not/
i undertand lot of fans demand for release date,but be patient,the game still in development,and atleast kojima give updates or little looks of current build of the game rather than been silent for whole years

SolidStoner1050d ago

Yeah, better something than nothing.. I wait for years now some info about next fallout or hitman or gt7. Silence kills.. Want to know when and how!

Spore_7771050d ago

Chances are I'll never get to see this in my playthroughs because #StealthBoss

Skate-AK1050d ago

It could be a cutscene and you don't get to choose what happens.

PerrynAybara1050d ago

Cutscene? In a Hideo Kojima games? Impossible! :D

George Sears1050d ago

Liking that buffed Diamond Dogs sneaking suit.

Normann1049d ago

Damn.. Am I'm going to ruin it for you :)? In the African gameplay trailer you have good look at the suit.

Now.. Look at the mid soft spot section on his back.
Penis shape.. Can't be unseen. Bam. Iøm out T.T

Gatsu1050d ago

Give me blood Kojima....BLOOOD!

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