Famitsu’s most wanted games (1/25/15)

It’s time for the latest Famitsu’s most wanted games chart! Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest Heroes, Bravely Second, Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and Persona 5 are the new top five.

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emilijo7771393d ago

by this list you would say that SONY consoles dominate in japan, when in reality 3DS dominates

vishmarx1393d ago

'most WANTED list'

3ds sells because millions and throng on the same games like pokemon and smash

Rockets121393d ago

If a game sells millions doesn't that mean it is "wanted"?

vishmarx1393d ago

my point is - sure , pokemon is wanted .but the reason this list has more ps games is because 3ds is bought largely for games like these. either they sell like water and are super popular or theyre obscure and even hard to pronounce.
when i think of games on 3ds i cant live without, i cant count them on my fingers.theyre fun, crowd appeasing but nothing to really look forward years prior to release since their scale is always limited and theyre not looking to break any grounds.on the other hand big console titles have a level of polish and anticipation that you can never achieve on a portable.
sure im gonna enjoy the hell outta devil survivor 2.
itll sell really well too.but ill goddamn kill someone to get my hands on persona 5 or ffxv, even if in the end the enjoyment i extract from either games is the same.
dq9 is one of the best selling dq games but theres a reason why it isnt as memorable as 8,or why the portable smt games arent as revered as lucifer's call or persona 4.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

famitsu most wanted is like less than 1% of the actual demographic

Magicite1387d ago

both r doing well, while xbox being nonexistent

dark-kyon1393d ago

Look like the forced ports of psvita games are not working,sao lost song ps3,god eater 2 ps4 are not ranking and senran kagura estival versus is missing in his two versions,to me this game not being exclusive at psvita is a mistake,they should be make the ps4 version later at least,if senran kagura estival versus underperformed it can be the end of senran kagura taking in account the flop what was senran kagura 2 in 3ds.