Dying Light Steam Pre-Loading Underway As Worries Rise Over Review Embargoes

One Angry Gamer "Uh oh, it looks like the dreaded review embargo could make or break Dying Light as it preps for launch on January 27th in North America. Valve sent out word that pre-loading for Dying Light is available to those who pre-purchased the game on Steam, but murmuring within the core gaming community has caused some to worry about the review embargo situation."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1418d ago

It doesn't matter that there's a review embargo. There are people streaming the game on twitch right now. 3:20am EST US

The only problem I see at the moment are the attack mechanics. They seem to be stiff, repetitive, and clunky. I guess i'll see for myself tomorrow.

3-4-51418d ago

Are any of these "Zombie" games different ?

* It just seems like " Hey I'm going to pick up this object and swing it at these things that are coming at me"

It's like ALL of them are THAT....and only that.

Is there more survival and "game" to these games than just hack n slash ?

This one doesn't interest me but I think I saw another one that might.

nucky641418d ago

attack mechanics only stiff and clunky early in the game - I saw later game stuff showing how deadly weapons can get and it was awesome stuff.

iNFAMOUZ11418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I was going to get it but it looks like dead island with slightly better graphics, don't get me wrong the night time plus neon lights and the way they crawl up buildings looks scarey realistic, but I feel like it'll get boring fast, gonna wait for a sale

dreamed1418d ago

Shove it!!!....what with trying to sell the vs seperate and now an embargo,ive lost all intrest.

jay21418d ago

Having played this in london i really enjoyed it im pussed the uk doesnt get it till a moth late consudering importing

calibann1418d ago

Or you could just buy a digital copy and play it on wednesday.

KyRo1418d ago

It's £55 digitally like most digital downloads. That's why a lot of people refuse to buy digital in the UK when you can pick it up for £35-£40 in a shop. Until digital is priced fairly, it's never going to take off like it has in America.

smoothop1418d ago

Buy it off the american store and it will cost you a little under £40.

WeAreLegion1418d ago

Just don't pick your copy up if you're that concerned.

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The story is too old to be commented.