Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC unlocks 10 new achievements for Exo Zombies

MWEB GameZone writes:"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be releasing their new DLC, Havoc, tomorrow. There are a total of 10 brand new achievements for players to unlock via the new exo-zombies gamemode, but be warned, there are spoilers ahead"

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HoldenZA936d ago

I'm really looking forward to this DLC. It is quite disappointing that zombies came out as paid for content. That said, I can't wait to play as some of those new characters. Should be some good fun with mates.

Sillicur936d ago

Indeed, that is the only thing i dont like about the zombie DLC, that it is paid content :(

SonZeRo936d ago

mmmm Zombies, as if they weren't scary enough, now they have exo suits. Funny vid though.

Sillicur936d ago

Nice, I really like the 6th one, might be some sour team mates though :)

CongoKyle936d ago

Is the Zombie craze still that massive that people are willing to pay for the DLC? ://

Sillicur936d ago

I tend to play every zombie game man, just love it!

Skate-AK936d ago

The craze doesn't really matter. People are willing to pay for the season pass and zombies comes with it.

936d ago
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