Why Cross-Platform Online Gaming Should Be a Reality

IGN: "Breaking down Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s multiplayer walls would be great for everyone."

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Metallox1418d ago

"I certainly don’t mean to suggest that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo could simply throw a switch and allow everybody to play together tomorrow."

Nintendo already allows it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago

If the people behind CoD and BF allowed it, I wonder if their servers could handle the loads...

MSBAUSTX1417d ago

Why couldn't they? It doesn't matter if I have a Sony, HP, Dell, Lenovo, OR Acer computer when I play PC games! I can optimize the game settings to run the best or look the best on whatever PC set up I have and still log on and play with people who may have completely different settings. I have a friend that plays PC games in 4k resolution on his PC. Mine isn't anywhere near capable of doing that and yet I don't have a single issue playing with him online.

WTF is the difference here other than the console companies being greedy ass hats? If it is an issue of rival hardware developers making different systems then why can I play WOW on a Mac and Play it on PC with the same people playing it on a mac or a PC. There is not a good reason at all why this can't be done.

The platform the game is playing on should be irrelevant. It should just access a server and you can play with anyone on that server regardless of their platform. The picture is just rendered by the local hardware.

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Ultr1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Sony also does(FF14, Portal)
It's only MS that doesn't till now (correct me if I'm wrong)
Also Unreal Tournament 3 had Mod and mouse/keyboard support while ms turned it down.

but well, I could care less

MeliMel1418d ago

MS did it with Shadowrun before but nothing since then. Well til now. But even better than that would be if they say we can play PC games on Xbox One.

Edward751418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

@ Ultr
MS and sony also did it along the same lines as what you were saying, with Final Fantasy 11.


And you could play with ps2 , 360, and PC players together.

N4g_null1417d ago

NINTENDO allows it across all platforms right now. Your best bet is sony nintendo and pc for cross play. It isn't anymore of a load than just having more players, which benefits the players. Ms will be defaulted into that once win 10 comes out.

I use to think console owners where at a disadvantage but stick users have gotten way better. So I think it is time to see which interface is the best.

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Relientk771418d ago

So I can play online with all my friends no matter what platform we have

OB1Biker1418d ago

That would be the best thing ever for gaming (I could imagine epic battles:) and hopefully we d see the internet gaming community showing more respect for their fellow gamers owning a different console, like in real life.

MSBAUSTX1417d ago

I have contended for years that if there was cross platform play, the issue of my console is better than yours would not be as important. right now it is because of a popularity and sales competition. If these multiplat games were cross play we would all just be playing games together and wouldn't care what someone is playing on.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1418d ago

It will be a reality when SFV is released.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Well, there's upsides and downsides to this.
The upside is that you can play with friends regardless of system.

The downside...

The trolls and other rotten fanbase jack-offs in public matches increase exponentially.

If you thought the console wars got heated on forums, imagine the shouting matches that would happen between consoles in shooters...-_-;;

There's going to be people who will want public match cross-play regardless, though, so there's nothing that would stop that if it ever gains traction.

I do, however, heavily support the idea of servers specifically reserved for cross-platform-play between friends only.

randomass1711417d ago

Something like this has been a bit of a gamer dream of mine ever since Xbox Live became so popular. Playing alongside other console gamers can increase the popularity and of course the community as well. I never chat with random people for the reason you are talking about lol but being able to play games with my friends on their Xbox or Nintendo systems while I am on my Playstation would be incredible.

Rimeskeem1418d ago

It should certainly be an option.

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