Life is Strange this week

Vic B'Stard writes "This week sees the release of episode one of Square Enix’s digitally delivered, narrative driven adventure game entitled Life is Strange.

The game has been developed by DOTNOD Entertainment, the French outfit responsible for the visually stunning, Remember Me- a game that looked as if it had been pulled from the pages of Metal Hurlant.

Life is Strange is set in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, where senior student Max Caulfield returns after a 5 year absence. Reunited with her former friend Chloe, the pair will attempt to uncover the uncomfortable truth behind the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber."

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snookiegamer1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Love Quantic Dream games DONTNOD' game looks to have a strong, intelligent Female lead! I'm definitely trying Ep. 1 for sure! ;)

contradictory1268d ago

huhuhu dat mild pun.
and life is ALWAYS strange... so life being strange is actually super normal.
Life is Normal. 2Deep

supraking9511268d ago

how much is episode 1 gonna be?

VicBStard1265d ago

It's only a few bucks, about 18 for the lot.