Top 10 protagonists of all time

Sportskeeda: If there isn’t a protagonist, there’s nothing in the game to play. Every story needs a main hero to take the story forward. And it is required that the main character should reflect the emotions properly which being seen to the players. He should be strong, attractive, charming, and most of all, he should appeal to the audience. He should have a personality as strong as the antagonist of the game. So here we are, with the top 10 heroes of the video game world.

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Snookies121418d ago

They were amazing games, but was he really a good protagonist?

Rimeskeem1418d ago

Good enough to be the playstation icon for his good years

miyamoto1417d ago

Sonic, Wander, Ico, Shinobi, Alucard

Femto1418d ago

#7 solid snake.

*uses big boss picture*

Kivespussi1418d ago

When you're reading "top x" articles, you should expect that. I wish N4G would just ban these crap clickbait articles. I really need a proper gaming news portal

Femto1418d ago

my question is...who approves these articles? there are alot of better articles that get submitted but these "contributors" seem to only approve this shitty top x articles written by 3rd graders

Helloween131418d ago

Don't agree with Batman at all, what about Donkey Kong he has been around since the start of gaming

TheLastColossus1418d ago

I can't choose between Drake and Kratos.

telekineticmantis1418d ago

Ugh The Nintendo worship is getting annoying now, why are Nintendo Characters on this list? What do we know about Mario, he jumps over the thing, then he jumps over the other thing... YEAH THAT'S LITERALLY IT.

ape0071418d ago

do u know anything about gaming??

telekineticmantis1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I know what a vague question, that has no point looks like... I know Nintendo Characters are basically Avatars, I know if we used Miis for every game it would make no difference in character development.

1418d ago
Picnic1418d ago

He does more than that in Paper Mario for a start.

In Sunshine he gets FLUDD so he can rocket propel himself through the air or water.

Mario might not be the most interesting character- he's more like what Mickey Mouse is to Disney - but he's innocent-seeming and works hard at his task of saving the princess or whatever. His goodness seems to give him Peter Pan-like properties of never aging. In fact, he gets better looking between Mario 64 and Sunshine (the Mario 64 sprite was awful).

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The story is too old to be commented.