Square Enix Agni’s Philosophy Next-Gen Tech Demo Comes Back in Shinra Technologies Cloud Gaming Beta

Remember the beautiful tech demo by Square Enix Agni’s Philosophy? It’s going to reappear as part of the technical beta of the publisher’s upcoming cloud gaming service Shinra Technologies.

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Godmars2901417d ago

Didn't they drop the Luminous Engine?

Femto1417d ago

Agni's Philosophy is a tech demo that runs on the Luminous Engine lol, so no they didn't drop it

NovusTerminus1417d ago

They didn't drop the Luminous, they simply shifted KH3 away from the engine.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1417d ago

No Godmars. The Luminous Engine and the Luminous Studio team are working on Final Fantasy XV right now which is why it can't be used for Kingdom Hearts III right now. It is still being developed along side FFXV which isn't that uncommon for a new engine. They would be set back quite a bit if they waited for it to be finished to start Kingdom Hearts III.

jambola1417d ago

I'm pretty sure they mentioned having problems or limitations of some kind and switched to unreal engine 4 for that rason

Snookies121417d ago

@jambola - That was just for Kingdom Hearts 3. It wasn't because of problems, but because the vision they had for the game would have been harder to achieve with the Luminous engine as opposed to Unreal 4. The Luminous engine might have looked better in some ways, but Unreal 4 has a much more developer friendly environment. Considering they're trying to make a brand new graphic style for each world, it's understandable that they want to go for the easiest engine to work with.

iamtehpwn1417d ago

Agni's Philosophy was really interesting. It might make a good setting for Final Fantasy 16.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1417d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I bet you that Agni's Philosophy has something to do with FF 16. This picture was sent out for New Years this year with updated artwork for Agni. Now why would they be doing that unless Agni is more important than we thought?. I for one would love for her to be the main protagonist for the next FF game. If the tech demo is anything to go on she is an aspiring summoner and elemental magic user which is awesome to have the main character to be a spell caster since we havent had one in a long time it seems. She may be like a Terra/Yuna type character.

Edit: Oh you know what? maybe she is a character in Final Fantasy XV. That could be a possiblity too. That setting looks like something that could fit in 15. Hmm I guess we will find out. Either way I am betting that Agni is going to be in a FF game.