Top 10 scary moments in gaming

Sportskeeda: Games aren’t just entertaining and fun. They can also be terrifying and dead scary. if you think that video games cannot scare you then stop and think again, your opinion will change. Video games never leave a moment to amaze or shock us. Several instances in the games are actually scary and if something unexpected occurs, you scream like a five-year-old child. So now sit back and relax because today we have the list of the most scariest moments which were featured in video games.

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christian hour1152d ago

I'd have to say no to most if not all of these.

Dead Space 1 definitely had way more authentic and more entertaining scares than Dead Space 2, most of these "scary moments" aren't even scary in any way shape of form, they're just gruesome or violent exploitation (Lara impaled, Ethan removin appendages, nuclear bombs,resi beheadings etc)

Silent Hill and Amnesia seem to be the only two highlighted with mention of actual scary moments/things. Still, an entertaining read all the same :)

WeAreLegion1152d ago

I'm sorry, but I don't get why people care about the eye scene in Dead Space 2. It's not terribly horrifying and it's not even that gory. There are like twenty moments in the Saw games just like it.

daBUSHwhaka1152d ago

Dead Space had me pissing myself so much in the first hour that I had to down tools for a long time.Never before have I been so terrified from a video game.The atmosphere was incredible.Dead Space 2 was good for the scares also but I kinda knew what to expect which made the game a little less terrifying.